Old Blandford Church

BUILT  IN  1735

A Confederate Memorial Since 1901


Located in Blandford Cemetery

On US Routes 301 - 460


     The Brick Church on Well's Hill, now known as Old Blandford Church of Bristol Parish, was erected in 1735.  Rich in Colonial, Revoluntionary, War of 1812, and Confederate history, this old church was abandoned after the building of another Episcopal church in Petersburg, when the Town of Blandford had been absorbed by Petersburg.  Necessary repairs for its preservation were made by the City of Petersburg in 1882.

     In 1901 the city delegated to the Ladies Memorial Association of Petersburg the privilege of developing this church into a memorial chapel and a Confederate shrine in memory of the 30,000 heroes buried in its shadow.

     The Confederate States honored their soldiers by placing in the church memorial windows, designed and executed by Louis Comfort Tiffany.  There are fifteen of these windows, making this shrine one of the art treasures of our country.  Other Confederate memorials have been placed from time to time in this historic building.  Memorial services were held here for George Washington, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson at their deaths.

     The Cockade City Garden Club beautifies and cares for part of the old cemetery, which is visited annually by thousands.

     Blandford Cemetery covers approximately 189 acres. The oldest grave marker is from 1702; however, the Record of Interments only exist from 1843.   Among those buried there are:  Gen. William T. Mahone, hero of the Battle of the Crater and commander of Mahone's Division, one of the elite commands under Gen. Robert E. Lee; Dr. John Herbert Claiborne, the physician in charge of all military hospitals in Petersburg during the siege; Robert Bolling, one of Petersburg's first major land owners and real estate developers, together with his four wives and their descendants. It is the second largest cemetery in Virginia.

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Square of Catherine S. Cogbill [Catherine S. Cogbill, daughter of Richard Burton, and wife of William Cogbill of Chesterfield County, Virginia]

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