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MOODY, FITZGERALD - I'm looking for information on the Moody family of Petersburg and Dinwiddie County. I'm told that my great uncle Marvin Moody used to run a store in Petersburg. I'm looking for information on Henry Moody, born in the 1850 - 1875 range in Dinwiddie County. Chilrdren were Marvin, Sadie and William. Henry's wife was named Frances. Any information on Henry or any of his children would be greatly appreciated. email to jsmoody@home.com Thanks.

Aug 3, 2000 - 12:52 - From: - Steve Moody

CROWDER - I am looking for information on a Robert B Crowder he was born in about the 1830's or 40's His father may have been Francis and mother Nancy Still but I am not sure I know after the war he had a Business in Petersburg under the Crowder Bros. I do not know if they were actually brothers or perhaps cousins. Robert was married to a Maryann Eads in 1862 Had two daughters and two sons one TC. and Robert E. and Annie and M. Crowder. Robert was in the lumber business After the Civil War in Petersburg. I would love to find out if His father was Frances and who were his brothers, sisters, and grandparents. If anyone having any information on Robert I would be really appreciate your help. Thank you, Donna

Aug 6, 2000 - 23:28 - From: - Donna Crowder Grove

STEWART/JACKSON - Looking for the Stewart family, especially as related to the Jackson family. Have a letter from Petersburg, dated 1832, from "Nephew William Edward Stewart" to William Jackson, Portsmouth/Norfolk. In the letter, W. E. Stewart. references an Uncle James Jackson, an Aunt Jane, and a brother, James Stewart. At the time of the letter, W. E. Stewart was an apprectice for making bridles. His Uncle Wm. Jackson was born in 1801. Thanks.

Aug 9, 2000 - 16:28 - From: - Brooke Fry

ROBERTSON/FAIRFAX - Looking for information on Thomas Bolling Robertson, 1814-1887 from Petersburg, Dinwiddie Co., Virginia. He married Martha Lindsay Fairfax, 1826-1909, on July 12, 1849 at Christ Church in Alexandria, Virginia. Martha was the daughter of Henry Fairfax & Elizabeth Lindsay of Prince William County, VA. At her parents death in 1847, she inherited along with her brother, John Walter Fairfax, "Freestone Point" or Leesylvannia in what is now Woodbridge, VA. Her portion of the farm was named "Ohio Farm". Thomas and Martha are listed in the 1850 Census, twice, first living in Dinwiddie Co in July of 1850, and then in August of 1850 in a Hotel in Petersburg. Poss. married before to Eliza Winfree, whose headstone in Blandford Cem. says she was the beloved and consort of Thomas Bolling Robertson she died in Sept 1843 one month after giving birth to their son, Samuel. Samuel died one year later in Sept of 1844 of the Whooping Cough. Looking for the parents/siblings of Thomas Bolling, any children of Thomas and Martha's, any information on them after 1850. Thanks.

Aug 16, 2000 - 13:25 - From: - Cynthia Buck-Thompson

Connor/ Conner - I am hoping to find info on the families of 3 brothers from County Antrim Ireland named James, Charles, & Henry Connor/Conner. They were probably in Virginia between 1750 & 1800. Henry W Conner was either Charles or James son. They served in the Revolutionary War and ended up settling at Beattys Ford in Mecklenburg or Lincoln County North Carolina

Sep 12, 2000 - 14:44 - From: - Jenna Pendleton

SYKES, MASSEY - I am a descendant of John Sykes b: 15 Feb 1749 in Prince George Co., VA and his wife Lucy Massey, b: 1749 in Brunswick Co., VA and daughter of Joseph Massey Sr. b: 1690 Brunswick Co. and Elizabeth Lee b:1700 Brunswick Co. I have found reference to John and Lucy's marriage in Petersburg in 1769 but need to find the source of this information, and whether or not John's parents were listed. Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Sep 13, 2000 - 00:43 - From: - Paul W. Sykes


Sep 15, 2000 - 22:06 - From: - William M. Bryant, Jr.


Sep 15, 2000 - 22:11 - From: - William M. Bryant, Jr.

TWITTY - Looking for any information on the TWITTY's of Petersburg. Cora, William Bolden, Margaret, Thomas. Any African American Twitty.

Sep 18, 2000 - 18:19 - From: - Michelle Mosley

FORLOINES/FORLINES - FORLOINES, Thaddeus Washington Thaddeus Washington Forloines (name spelled FORLINES at times) was a Confederate, 41st Virginia Infantry, Company B. He was captured in the Siege of Petersburg. I am told when he died on May 1, 1911, he may have been buried somewhere in or near Petersburg...is there anyone out there that can help me? Jeffrey L. Forloines forloines@aol.com

Sep 21, 2000 - 16:06 - From: - Jeffrey L. Forloines

POTTS - Several Years back I attended a famuly reunion in Petersburg. During the course of a conversation my Aunt informed me that Blandford Cemetary had a few Potts' buried in it and I decided to investigate this further. The women in the office was kind enough to pull out the records of Internment and we looked up all Potts' that were buried there. As it turns out I believe I located my Great Great Grandfather who I had not expected to locate, at least not in Petersburg. He died in 1927 at the age of 77 in West VA and was moved to Petersburg for burial. He was buried in an unmarked grave in another families plot. The record had Rosa Goulder listed as his mother. My GGGrandfather was Timothy Potts and he was MARRIED to Rosa Goulder. This obviously leads me to believe this is him. Does anyone in the Petersburg area have access to these records any longer? Or any information on Potts' in the area. My family can not figure out the connection to Petersburg, other than my Aunt settling down there after retirement from Military Service? Any help is appreciated.

Sep 28, 2000 - 01:23 - From: - Eric Potts

POWELL - Powell, John Wesley--I am looking for any information about my grandfather. He was born in Petersburg, Va. 10/2/1863. The year may be wrong by one or two years eather way. His Father was also John Wesley Powell.

Oct 11, 2000 - 10:24 - From: - Jack York

POWELL - Powell, John Wesley--I am looking for any information about my grandfather. He was born in Petersburg, Va. 10/2/1863. The year may be wrong by one or two years eather way. His Father was also John Wesley Powell.

Oct 11, 2000 - 10:24 - From: - Jack York

ROYSTER, GOODE, MOSELEY, JEFFERSON, RAVENSCROFT, LUDWELL, THORNTON, PETERS, BASKERVILL(E), JONES - 11/13/00 ~ Need confirmation that George and Alice Goode Royster, said to have "removed" to Dinwiddie Co., possibly to reside in the City of Petersburg, actually arrived there! George was s/o Charles and Elizabeth Moseley Royster. Alice was d/o Bennett (1774-1812)and Martha Jefferson Goode and may have been born in Mecklenburg, Co. One of her sisters married a Baskerville "of" Dinwiddie Co., Va. ... Would also be interested in any information concerning the origin of the name "Ravenscroft" and any links of this surname to those of allied families, including Poythress, Ball, and possibly Peters, Jones, and Thornton. Thank you! M. W. R. (frief@mindspring.com)

Nov 13, 2000 - 17:49 - From: - M. W. R.

POWELL - ADAMS, AMPLEMAN, COMSTOCK, GARRISON, KEEN, LANE, MUMFORD, POWELL, SCHAAF, SEYMOUR, STARLING, VANN, YORK Is there anyone with access to City of Petersburg Records who would be willing to do lookups? If so, could you please look up the following in birth records from 1861 through 1865: John Wesley Powell, born abt 10 February 1863 (year may be inaccurate) Father's name is also John Wesley Powell, mother ??? This man was my Great-Grandfather, and I'm trying to verify all possible data I have on him as well as ascertain his mother's name. If anyone is researching r the same surname and area, please feel free to e-mail me and I'll be glad to share information. I hope to evetually make a connection to earlier generations in the U.S. or Wales. Any and all help is appreciated.

Nov 17, 2000 - 12:17 - From: - Chris York


Nov 20, 2000 - 22:39 - From: - BOB GUNN

MANN, CHANDLER - City of Petersburg. My great great grandparents were Everette B. Mann (born Nov. 1860) and Mollie T. Chandler (born Dec 1862)and married on December 10, 1884, in the City of Petersburg, VA. I would like to know who their parents, brothers and sisters were. I would also like to know where they are buried. My e-mail address is lulanear@aol.com Thanks, Lewis L. Lanier.

Nov 25, 2000 - 15:37 - From: - Lewis L. Lanier

SMITH - Hello, I am searching for information on my great grandparents John R and Amlia Smith who lived in Petersburg in the early part of the 1900s. Their granddaughter Pauline Smith lived with them for a time and attended a women's college in Petersburg, Any information on this family or the women's college would be much appreciated. Paula Oneal paulao@webworkz.com

Dec 23, 2000 - 21:57 - From: - Paula Oneal

FOUNTAINE MUARY DAVIDSON - nora fountaine maury davidson

Dec 30, 2000 - 21:29 - From: - sid scott

TEHIE - We are searching for information on the whereabouts of Charles Leake, my maternal grandfather, who married Fannie Bulifant, December 1887, in Petersburg VA. He was a physician and also worked as a mechanical engineer at Seward Trunk Factory in the early 1890s. The couple had 3 daughters: Fannie, Lucy, my mother, and Helen, who died young. The couple were later separated and divorced. He worked in Norfolk, VA, and after his marriage in Petersburg, he worked in Detroit and Denver, where my mother was born in 1891. He disappeared about 1897 or 1898 and was never heard from again. We would like to know what happened to him; his whereabouts, occupation, etc.

Jan 15, 2001 - 10:24 - From: - Frances Tehie


Jan 21, 2001 - 13:29 - From: - RAY LEE MELTON JR.

WINN, QUACKENBUSH , OBRIEN - Iam the granddaught of esa may Winn her husben name is Josph Winn thay had 14 childen Sam Roda Alizina are some there childen my gandmother was marry in 1917 in Peterburg. Josh Winn die in late 1900 Josph father was John Winn mother do not know Esla May die in 1985 Eala May father was Divid Quackenbush and mother was Mary Shine Mary Shine motherwas an OBrien any infomation on any this name plese email me

Jan 25, 2001 - 13:36 - From: - Elizabeth Ellis

BUNTING TRAYLOR HEATH WOOD - Looking for siblings of Benjamin Robert Bunting, b. 18 Apr 1867 in Petersburg, VA. First of 12 children of Robert Wesley Bunting and Martha Ann Traylor. Would appreciate info on Easter Shore ancestors.

Jan 29, 2001 - 10:38 - From: - Judy Hinkle

- can anybody tell me if there was a company in petersburg named IOLDEN TRUNK & BAG CO. or maybe OLDEN TRUNK & BAG CO. somewhere dated in 6-25-20 assuming 1820's or 1920's as the year any information would be helpful. THANK YOU! Dionne Mallane FT. Wayne, Indiana

Jan 31, 2001 - 02:33 - From: - Mike Rice

CARDWELL, HARRISON - Looking for marriage or death info for Amanda Harrison, daughter of Haley Harrison (Greensville Co.) and Martha M. Cardwell (Petersburg). Martha M. was the daughter of Henry C. Cardwell & wife Martha A. Cardwell. Amanda, listed as age 18, was enumerated in the 1880 Dinwiddie census for Petersburg in the home of her grandmother Martha A. Cardwell. Martha M. Cardwell Harrison does not appear. Dead? Remarried? Amanda's father was a Confederate soldier who died in April 1862, ironically in a Petersburg hospital. It is possible that Amanda was a posthumous child. Any info on Amanda after 1880 is welcome, plus any info on her mother Martha M. Cardwell Harrison. Thanks in advance! Bill Bray

Feb 10, 2001 - 21:31 - From: - Bill Bray

CASSIDY - CASSIDY, PETER, native of Ardee, County Louth, Ireland, took out first citizenship papers in Petersburg on 11/16/1820, and second papers on 11/16/1823. Am desperately seeking the information contained in these papers, particularly his age and marital status, and any other information that would help me with this great-greatgrandfather's genealogy. Thank you.

Feb 21, 2001 - 15:38 - From: - Geraldine V. Hyde

EVANS - Wright EVANS b ca 1812 d. 1845 @ Petersburg. Son of Isham EVANS and Elizabeth ? Wright EVANS m. ? He had a son, William B C b in Baltimore MD in 1842. Any information on this family would be appreciated.

Feb 22, 2001 - 03:05 - From: - Cindy

CUTHBERT and HARRISON - I am looking for any information whatsoever about MARY HUBERT CUTHBERT of Petersburg B.1840's, D. 1890's, wife of HARTWELL BONNER HARRISON B. 1840 D. 1890's and any info on Hartwell. Both lived in Petersburg until the outbreak of the war and subsequently moved to Norfolk upon Hartwell's return from Appomattox, April 1865.

Feb 23, 2001 - 11:30 - From: - Mark Bingham

DILWORTH, BIRCH, MURRAY - Searching for family of Joseph Dilworth and his wife Anne Allen, living in St. Petersburg in 1790s. One daughter Martha married Charles Clay Birch,a second daughter Ann married John Neville Birch, the third daughter Susan Hatton Dilworth married Jacob Thompson Choate. The two Birch men were the children of Rev. Thomas Erskine Birch and his wife Elizabeth Bohannon Murray.

Feb 27, 2001 - 16:06 - From: - Bernie O'Neil

GEORGEL BLICK EDWARDS - I am looking for information on a Mike Lane Georgel who may have had a restaurant in Roanoke Rapids, NC around 1920. We believe he was Greek. Mike may have married Emma Eatrice Blick Edwards (from Greensville Co., VA, buried in Petersburg, VA). Widow of Charles Maxie Edwards. Emma and Charles had 2 children, Newton Maxie and Mildred Lucille. Emma and Mike had 1 child, Mary Ruth. They seem to have floated between Brunswick Co, Dinwiddie and Roanoke Rapids, NC. Charles had 2 brothers, Irving Edwards b. 5 April 1896 and Wiley Atwell Edwards. Charles is buried in Ebony, Brunswick Co., VA. Irving had a daughter, May Lou. Wiley had 3 daughters, Bertha, Blanche and Daisey. Bertha was living in the Roanoke Rapids area in the late 1960's. I would appreciate any information on any of these people. We have a fairly complex family puzzle that we are trying to solve and other than word of mouth from older family members, none of these people seem to exist of paper.

Mar 1, 2001 - 16:41 - From: - Elizabeth Veserat

TAIT, READHEAD - Lionel TAIT and Barbara REDHEAD-TAIT came to Peterseburg VA in 1818 with their children John, Mary, Barbara, Lionel Jr., Sarah and Jane. Lionel TAIT died about 1820 and is burried there. An old Bible records "Left England September 6, 1818. Arrived America, State of Virginia Nov 2nd at Petersburg. Left Petersburg July 29th, 1820. Arrived Illinois September 16th 1820. Does anyone know where Lionel Tait was buried and if he came as an indentured servant of some kind?

Mar 1, 2001 - 23:20 - From: - Erma Stevenson

MARKS - Searhing for information on Elizabeth F Marks(widow of Raleigh Marks) and children John O, William G and George W who lived in Battersea on Wells Street in Petersburg in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Also, searching for infomration on Roberta Livesay Marks family - Roberta is the widow of William P. Marks - All descendants of Christopher Marks of Prince George E-mail Fran804@aol.com

Mar 9, 2001 - 22:17 - From: - Frances Norris

FORT HENRY - Looking for information on Fort Henry, 1645?

Mar 22, 2001 - 08:15 - From: - Thomas J. Blumer, Ph.D.

BLANDFORD CEMETARY - I am trying to find someone who lives near the Blandford Cemetary in Petersburg who would be willing to find a grave in the old historic section. Could not find the COunty of Dinwiddie on the Random Acts of Genealogical KIndness site and would be willing to cover expenses for photographs and or copies of records. Please email me at CrafDy1954@aol.com Many thanks- Diane in PA

Mar 28, 2001 - 13:08 - From: - Diane Land

BILLUPS - I'm looking for a connection between Augustine Billups Lee and Augustine Billups. A. B. Lee married a woman whose last name was Billups and I am trying to find if there is a connection here. I believe they married in the early 1820's and ended up moving to TN.

Mar 28, 2001 - 18:53 - From: - Anna

GRUBBS - According to his tombstone Thomas William Grubbs was born 3 Oct 1806 Petersburg Dinwiddie VA. I am looking for his parents.

Mar 29, 2001 - 22:04 - From: - Carol Snider

WILLIAMS,TRAYLER - Williams George doing Civil War in Petersburg,He was born abt 1831

Mar 30, 2001 - 22:21 - From: - Robert Williams

CASSIDY - need info re Peter Cassidy, born Ardee, County Louth, Ireland, who took out his first US citizenship papers at Petersburg on 11/16/1820, and the second papers at Petersburg on 11/161823.

Apr 20, 2001 - 18:59 - From: - Gerry Hyde

CRAFTS/CROFT - Looking for information on Thomas Crafts/Crofts. 1700's.

Apr 22, 2001 - 15:41 - From: - Alicia Jones

MCLAUGHING - would appreciate any available information on surname Mclaughing believed to be from Petersburg area. thankyou, Lee W. Hennessy

May 6, 2001 - 20:21 - From: - Lee W. Hennessy

HEATH - Am seeking any and all info on Mattie Heath,b. Jan 24, 1875, d Jan 2, 1938. Had 2 daughters Blanche, b. 1890, and Ruth, b. 1892. Mattie's mother was Laura France Heath, b Oct 20, 1856, d. June 29, 1905, who married Louis Gordon after 1875. Laura was the daughter of Albert J Heath, b. Mar 7, 1826, d. Jan 15, 1858 who married Martha Sarah, who d. Feb 1, 1907 in Petersburg, Va. Albert Heath was the son of Jesse Heath and Rebecca Richards, who died Jan 1835.

May 25, 2001 - 17:14 - From: - Bonnie Millican

ROWE, WALLACE, MURROW - Hello, I am looking for information on a Joseph or Robert Rowe who married Elizabeth Wallace, ca. 1766-68. Elizabeth Wallace was from Petersburg, Va. and their son, Joseph Rowe was born 19th Nov. 1770 in Petersburg, Va. Any help would greatly be appreciated. Thank you, Brian Rick.

Jun 4, 2001 - 21:01 - From: - Brian Rick

DYSART - DYSART John. I found a refernce to a John DYSART, merchant, of Petersburg VA. He is mentioned in a letter book of 1784 ( Flahavan and Willcox of Philadelphia). I have Dysarts in Londonderry who were merchants and feel sure this John must be connected as they had ships sailing to Phila and other ports around this time. A William Dysart captained at least 2 ships to Philadelphia. I'd be grateful for advice on what Petersburg records to search to locate more information. I live in England, hail from N Ireland and am a novice at American research.

Jun 16, 2001 - 15:20 - From: - Rachel Dysart

DIGGS, BLAND, RED, WALKER, WILLIAMS - DIGGS, BLAND, RED, WALKER, WILLIAMS searching for information re Rosa Anna Diggs businesswoman in Petersburg and Hopewell 1870(s)? to 1920(s)?. Mother of Tom Diggs m. Nannie Diggs. Queen Walker m. John Red 1820-1840s. Maternal Bland family of Walker. Rosa Diggs 2nd husband Jim Williams. Researching these individuals for confirmation of lineage as related by grandmother 100+ resident of Virginia. Marla Bland sister of John Redd

Jun 17, 2001 - 17:56 - From: - Charlotte Diggs Turnquist Binder

WILSON, RISQUE - Looking for any information on the Family of William Kendrick Pendleton Wilson. and his wife Anne Risque Wilson. William was born in Wheeling WV, in 1846, Son of Thomas Wilson. any informatio will be appricated.

Jun 19, 2001 - 16:44 - From: - Mary E Staley

IMAN/ EYMAN - Interested in information regarding IMANS / EYMANS of Hardy, West Virginia. I read in Bittinger's "Allegheny Passage" that my ancestors settled on land 3.5 miles South of Petersburg, described as "Iman's Run". Any help in locating information would be deeply appreciated. I'm the descendant of a Christian Iman who died in Il at age 50 inthe year 1850 of cholera, and who was described as having moved to Monroe County Il from Hardy sometime between 1805-1820. I believe that this "Christian" was the son of a "Christian" born Hardy abt 1760, who was the brother of Abraham Eyman (1767) who had preceded him to Il.

Jul 14, 2001 - 11:35 - From: - Steve Iman

HUTCHISON, PADGETT, PHILLIPS, THORP(E), TINSLEY, KNIGHT, LINDSEY, BOWMAN, PLEASANT, GENTRY, ELLIS, FERRIN - Looking for the parents, etc of William P HUTCHISON b c 1831 in Hanover Co, VA. He married c 1858 or earlier Mary J PADGETT b c 1835 in Henrico Co, VA. I think her parents were James b c 1804 and Catherine PHILLIPS b c 1810 and were married 20 Sep 1826 in Henrico Co, VA. Catherine's father was Isaac PHILLIPS. William (29) & Mary(25) are listed in the East Ward Petersburg City 1860 Census and he is listed as a "Superintendent" of what I don't know. Also listed is there first son, William(1). From the "History of Henrico Co, Va by Louis Marrorm (sp) there is listed three sons of William & Mary. 1. William(22) listed as b c 1859 in Henrico Co, Laborer, married Mary M GENTRY, 20 daughter of B.W. & Jannetha F GENTRY on 15 Sep 1881. 2. Joseph A (21) b c 1866 in Henrico Co, Railroad, married Victoria L. ELLIS, daughter of Wm & Mary ELLIS on 16 Jan 1887 and 3. Elijah O. (22) b c 1866 in Henrico Co, married Ella H FERRIN (22) 06 Dec 1888. All three sons list there parents as Wm P & Mary J HUTCHISON. I also have a 4th, Edward Robert b c 1867 died 1935 who married Flora FERRIN, possible Ella's sister, parents listed as Wm P and Mary J HUTCHISON. Lastly I have my GGGrandfather, Gustavus (Gus) Beauregard HUTCHISON born 04 MAR 1861in Petersburg, VA who worked from 1888 until his death 15 Jul 1930 with the C & O Railroad in Richmond. He is buried in Riverview Cemetery, Richmond as are most of my family. He was married to Elizabeth Antioneete (Maria) THORP(E) born 17 Aug 1864, Henrico Co and died 15 Sep 1938. Her parents were James H THORPE, b c 1844 Henrico and Martha R.TINSLEY b c 1847 Richmond. They were married 17 Dec 1865?? Gus lived on Williamsburg Ave, Richmond and was a Deacon at Raleigh Forbes Baptist Church. They had 10 children. G. A.; who married a Selph Rosa who married J.W.Parrish B. B. who married a Pugh Arthur R. F.J. George W. William H G.R. Gladys Elizabeth b 1904 died 1908 Walter Lewis Hutchison, my GGrandfather, born 30 May 1887 in Richmond died 12 Mar 1938. He also worked for the C & O Railroad. He married Grace Ethel KNIGHT, born 20 Apr 1892 in Richmond died 4 Feb 1947. Her parents were James P KNIGHT & Alice E LINDSEY, both born c 1870 in VA. They had seven kids. Forest Lewis Hilton James Granville Houston, born 12 Aug 1924 died Mar 1978 Wallace Gladis who married Herbert Sears Bernard Pleasant HUTCHISON Sr my Grandfather born 02 Dec 1911 in Richmond and died 14 Nov 1960 in Richmond. He married 07 Nov 1934 to Helen Catherine BOWMAN born 27 Nov 1915 in Mecklenberg Co, VA and died 22 Jun 2001 in Richmond. They only had one son, my father Bernard Pleasant HUTCHISON Jr. Somewhere I think we were related to the "PLEASANT'S" of the area and possible that is what the "P" in William P. HUTCHISON is for. If anyone has any info on any of the above individuals please contact me at kthutch1uk@aol.com. v/r MAJ Kyle Hutchison

Jul 17, 2001 - 15:00 - From: - Kyle Hutchison

Petersburg Queries

TANNER - Hi, Am looking for descendants of Benjamin Perry TANNER, Jr. (b. July 28, 1925 in Tampa, Florida - d. April __, 1978). His last known residence was in Petersburg, Virginia according to the Social Security Death Benefits Index (Residence: 23803 (Petersburg, Va.)). He was a World War II Combat Engineer. I do not know if he was married or had any children, and would like to know if he is buried in any Petersburg area cemetery, or find an obituary for him, or to find any other information about him. Finding his descendants, if any, might help to save a family cemetery in Boone County, Kentucky from being moved by developers. He did have a sister named Jean Ann TANNER, but I do not know any more about her. Would appreciate any info about this family. Thanks. Philip Naff

Jan 6, 2000 - 21:56 - From: - Philip Naff

PHILLIPS - I am searching for anyone connected to the descendants of Thomas Phillips and his wife Isabella, who had their children entered into the Vestry Book records of Bristol Parish (1726-1734). I am directly descended from Thomas and Isabella through their son John (born and baptized 1726). I think I am also descended from their son Mason Phillips, born 1728 inBristol Parish. Mary Jane Phillips-Matz 160 West 71st Street, New York, NY 10023

Jan 7, 2000 - 20:29 - From: - Mary Jane Phillips-Matz

BAILEY / HALL - BAILEY/HALL: My ancestors were HARRISON BAILEY and ELIZABETH HALL who m: in Petersburg 9 July 1800. Three children born, William, about 1801, Jane 1802-07, and George, about 1809. Harrison Bailey died and Elizabeth remarried to James Rainbow on 10 April 1813 also in Petersburg. Mr. Rainbow was serving on a gunboat on the Chesapeake during War of 1812. Elizabeth took young William down and enlisted him for a year of service and he was on the same gunboat with his step-father as cabin boy. I have good information about the rest of these people's lives, but am anxious to learn who the parents of Harrison Bailey and Elizabeth Hall are.

Jan 17, 2000 - 21:57 - From: - Fran McCollum

BIRD - Looking for information on the Henry Dearborn Bird and Henry Van Leuveneigh Bird families.

Jan 24, 2000 - 13:40 - From: - Bettyir

WINFREE - winfree; need information on my grandparents who lived in petersberg early 1920's & 30's, his name was bonnie b winfree,her name was page winfree maiden name was (harris)I know they lived on West tabb st in 1930's. They had two children a girl bonnie cynthia, and a boy walton or walter wnfree, my father.bonnie b winfree had two brothers, linwood and lester.page had three sisters, rhea, katy,and clayborne, they may have been from surry county,I really need help with this I can barey get any info, if someone could help me tha would be greatly appreciated.

Jan 25, 2000 - 23:22 - From: - lori a winfree

TABB - Tabb, Virginia

Jan 27, 2000 - 00:07 - From: - Michael S. Tabb, Sr.

HURST - Looking for data on Edward Hurst, b. abt. 1821, d. abt. 1855. Lived in Petersburg probably between 1849 and 1855. He was married to Anne Cordelia Jackson, 1846. Children: Mary Eliza, b. 1847, Annie Frances, b. 1849, Robt. LeRoy, b. 1852, & Wm. Edward, b. abt. 1854.

Feb 1, 2000 - 16:31 - From: - Brooke Fry

MITCHELL, BRADDY/BRADY, TILLERY - John Henry MITCHELL, jr was born in Petersburg sometime between 1760 and 1765. I understand his father was also born in that area.He was John Henry MITCHELL, Sr. , born in 1742-45. I have also been told that John Henry, Sr.'s father was Robert James MITCHELL, born in Ireland, who married Sarah Braddy/Brady there before coming to this country. Don't have a date on them. family history says that John Henry, jr.'s wife was Mary Ziegler. I would like to find concrete, verifiable information on these people. I have the exact dates for their son, Thomas Hardaway Mitchell, and his wife, Ruth Tillery, and pretty complete information down from them, but have been drawing a blank on the two john Henry's. Any help would be apprecaietd. Bill Mitchell. mitchell3121@worldnet.att.net

Feb 1, 2000 - 19:47 - From: - William G. Mitchell

MANSON MACLIN BOWDEN COGBELL - Joseph Manson Family Bible Record was given to Virginia State Library. Am looking for any other related Bible Records. Maclin Family, Bowden Family ans Cogbell Family.

Feb 2, 2000 - 01:05 - From: - Jasper W. Hassell

JONES - I would like to have the genealogical records of the Peter JONES after whom the City of Petersburg was, I am told, named.

Feb 2, 2000 - 17:24 - From: - Jack L. Nelson

TIPTON, BRINTLEY, GEORGE, DEAN - I am looking for family ties to Mary Mitchell & Lawrence Edward Tipton, Sr who lived in Petersburg in the early 1900's. Also, Virginia Tipton Dean who lived in Petersburg, and ran the Dean's Seafood in the 1950's. Lawrence's father was Charles Emory Tipton and he was married to Annie Electra Brintley and possibly was married a second time to Mary Ellen George. Charles' father was William H. Tipton who was born in Maryland and died in Petersburg in 1937. My research is still in progress and some of the above information is in the process of being confirmed. If you can tie in to this family please contact me at the e-mail address listed. Thank you, Cheryl Wilmoth Whittle

Feb 9, 2000 - 00:24 - From: - Cheryl Wilmoth Whittle


Feb 20, 2000 - 11:48 - From: - ARNOLD SHAW

FENN, FINN - Trying to locate information on Matilda Fenn (Finn), born ca 1798, died after 1860 in Brunswick County Va. Based on geographical dispersion of Fenns/Finns in Virginia, Matilda must be the widow of a Fenn from the Petersburg area. Does anyone have any info on Matilda Fenn?

Feb 22, 2000 - 20:07 - From: - jeff west

FENN - Trying to locate information on Matilda Fenn (Finn), born ca 1798, died after 1860 in Brunswick County Va. Based on geographical dispersion of Fenns/Finns in Virginia, Matilda must be the widow of a Fenn from the Petersburg area. Does anyone have any info on Matilda Fenn?

Feb 22, 2000 - 20:10 - From: - jeff west

SKILL, McLAMORE, McLEMORE, DECKER, BROOKER, - I'm looking for information on the Skill - McLamore/McLemore family in Petersburg, VA Charles R. Skill married ____ McLamore/McLemore (d 1888) shortly after the Civil War in or nearby Petersburg They had several children in/near Petersburg - Charles Skill (perhaps Charles R Skill, Jr.)move to CA - Grace Skill Brooker wife of Henry Brooker moved to FL - Frank Lassiter Skill b 18 Aug 1888 - Jul 1968 moved to FL - Daisy Skill Decker wife of Tom Decker remained in Petersburg Another sister (name unkown)Moved to FL and died as teenager Leads, will be most appreciated.

Feb 26, 2000 - 14:25 - From: - Frank C. Gentner

RIORDAN ROBERTSON - I'm looking for any information on Francis D Riordan also his wife the former Jane Robertson. They lived in Petersburg some time in the 1800s. Please contact me at baker@lightspeed.net. These were my gggrandparents.

Feb 27, 2000 - 16:27 - From: - Helen Wichlaz

LAWHON, CAIRNS, BOISSEAUX - I am seeking information on three surnames. The first is LAWHON. Emmett Everett LAWHON lived in Petersburg and married Ava Virginia CAIRNS also of Petersburg. They had three children; Bernard Woodrow LAWHON, Virginia Lawhon, and Willie LAWHON, all born in Petersburg (Bernard and Willie were born on October 17, 1913). I am also looking for information on the BOISSEAU(X) family. Ruth Gibson BOISSEAUX was born in Petersburg around 1877. She eventually settled in Philadelphia, PA. Any information on these families would be appreciated.

Mar 5, 2000 - 07:50 - From: - Judy Whitaker

CONWAY - Need information on John Conway, b. Spotsylvania Co in 1790 and moved to Petersburg at some point. He had 4 children that I know of: Armistead Burwell (b.Aug. 13, 1808 in VA. and d. 1870 in Franklinton, NC - mar. Martha Roberts? Feb. 24, 1836 in Nottaway Co. She was b. Dec. 13, 1815 in VA and died 1881.), Mary A. who mar. ? Hall, Frances who mar. William Pace, and Carter (d. 1849 in Petersburg. His will is dated June 26, 2849 and is listed in Book 3, p. 533 at the Petersburg Court House). Armistead Burwell Conway and his family fled from an encroaching Civil War Battle - the story is they left breakfast on the table and ran - and moved to Franklinton. If anyone knows (or can look up) the wife of John Conway, or any other information on this family, I would GREATLY appreciate your help!

Mar 12, 2000 - 14:15 - From: - Caroline McCall

BOLIN - One of my great grand fathers was killed during the civil war in the seige of Petersburg. I have been led to believe that he was buried in the mass grave at Old Blanford Cemetery. Would like to find out if possible. His name was William Riley Bolin and would have been listed as being from either South Carolina or North Carolina. I would like very much to find out so that I can get a marker placed at the cemetery. Thanks for any help!!!!

Mar 23, 2000 - 10:27 - From: - Randy Martin

Ewell - I am search for information about the Ewell's family. My g-g-g-g grandfather name was Joesph Ewell he was married to Hannah and they both were born in Virginia, probably Accomack.

Mar 26, 2000 - 20:44 - From: - Tiffany

BELCHER,RAINEY,VAUGHAN - Joseph Elwood Rainey married Bertha Ellen Vaughan in Petersburg Aug. 1919,died 1920. Bertha remarried Dec. 1922 to Frank B. Belcher. They are buried in Southlawn Cem. Seeking descendents.

Apr 4, 2000 - 23:27 - From: - Herbert Wayne Rainey

RAINEY - Seeking info on Rainey Luggage Company that operated in Petersburg in early 1900's. Noticed it listed in city directories while researching Rainey families. Noticed many trunkmakers among my Rainey,Vaughan,and Belcher ancestors.

Apr 4, 2000 - 23:31 - From: - Herbert Wayne Rainey

JOHNSON OR JOHNSTON - I am trying to locate information on SAMUEL JOHNSON, who was born 15 Sep 1772 near Petersburg, VA. His father was Randolph Johnson, a revolutionary war soldier who may have died in service. Randolph had 3 other children besides Samuel: Thomas, Mahala and Sarah Ann. I will be traveling in Virginia the week of April 11-15, and wondered if anyone knew if there are any old cemeteries that might shed some light on this family. Please e-mail me quick. Thanks

Apr 9, 2000 - 18:38 - From: - Joy Johnson Heaton

AYERS - Am searching for Thomas Floyd Ayers and family that moved to Dinwiddie County from Kings County New York, he and his children from his first wife moved to VA. in the late 1840's, he remarried and they had a son by the name of James Riley Ayers. Any help would be appreciated.

Apr 19, 2000 - 13:32 - From: - Janette Ayers Widmann

WELLS/WILKINSON - WELLS/WILKINSON, City of Petersburg - Thomas Edward Wilkinson of Sussex County married Susan "Susie" J. Wells, daughter of John and Elizabeth Wells, of Petersburg in 1839. I am looking for information on the parents of John Wells and maiden name of Elizabeth, the mother of the bride. Susan Wells was born about 1821.

Apr 25, 2000 - 07:28 - From: - Gene Cox Wilkinson

McCULLOCK, BADGER - Looking for information on ANNE McCULLOCK who married 1827 TO EDWIN H. BADGER in Petersburg, Va. Their children were James who married Margaret Britton, Rosa who married Mitchell Maxwell and Margaret. Thanks Ruby Badger Pruitt

Apr 26, 2000 - 23:51 - From: - Ruby Badger Pruitt

WELLS, BADGER - Looking for information on Eliza Wells who married 1822 to William H. Badger in Petersburg, Va. Their children were; William H., Ella, Eliza, Charles, Laura, George and Lewis. Both Eliza & William are buried in Blandford Cemetery. William was a Undertaker and built cabinets. Thanks Ruby

Apr 26, 2000 - 23:55 - From: - Ruby Badger Pruitt

JOHNSON/JOHNSTON - Looking for info on RANDOLPH JOHNSON. Family records state he was b ca 1744. He had a son SAMUEL said to be born in Petersburg, family accountings state 15 Sep 1772, census and other records indicate 1782. Other children of RANDOLPH were THOMAS b ca 1770, MAHELA b ca 1773, and SARAH b ca 1775. Is there any one else researching these names?

May 3, 2000 - 20:57 - From: - L. Birth

GOINS, CARTER, CASTLE, BENNETT, CHASE, HAYES, LEWIS - I am seeking info on a Goins family from Petersburg, African American Family. Alfred Goins, who is deceased worked as a butler and passed away in 1974. Some family names were, Carter, Goins, Castle, Hayes, Bennett, Lewis or Louis. He was the son of John and Rebecca Goins. If anyone knows where he is buried or any of the family members are please contact me. Thank you.

May 17, 2000 - 15:48 - From: - Alberta Russell

TINNEY , MARSHALL - Nathaniel Tinney and Caroline Marshall were Married in Petersburg Virginia before 1806.Would it be possible to find out if this is correct,and if so who their parents were?

May 18, 2000 - 12:03 - From: - Meredith Stephen Tinney

- Searching for James Pleasant Baird and Margaret Augusta Anderson Baird. They were married in Petersburg on Jan 15 1857. Marianne Baird Way kinfolk@chartertn.net


WELLS/RULAND - Looking for Marriage request/info/descendants of my ggrandparents WILLIAM WELLS and MARIAN RULAND WELLS who lived in Petersburg, their house still stands. They had 7 children - Marion,Dick (Richard), Anne, Libby(Elizabeth),Fanny(Frances), Caroline(my grandmother) and Polly(Mary). WILLIAM had 2 sisters ANNA and NINA and their father was WILLIE WELLS who was the wealthiest man in the county prior to the civil war.Any help or info will be appriciated

May 22, 2000 - 17:59 - From: - Monica Cove

CLARKE, GRAY, ROWLETT - Seeking info on Robert CLARKE and his wife, Henrietta Maria GRAY, married on 30 Jan 1828 by Rev. Minton Thrift in Petersburg, VA. They had at least one child Roberta Maria CLARKE born 29 June 1829 at her grandfather's home "Woodlawn" in Chesterfield Co. VA. Grandfather is possibly William CLARKE (b. 28 JAN 1762 Chesterfield Co. VA, d. 12 Sep 1846 Petersburg VA) and his wife, Martha ROWLETT (b. 28 Dec 1761, m. 28 Dec 1784, d. 14 Aug 1809)

May 22, 2000 - 20:07 - From: - Kim Blake

MCRAE/MACRAE - I am looking for information on any McRae's born in Petersburg, VA, before 1810.

May 25, 2000 - 16:30 - From: - Anne Caraway

BEASLEY - Beasley family from Petersburg I am looking on any information of the Beasley family who were from the area. My gggrandfather, James Henry Beasley; Francis A. Beasley, William A. Beasley, Walter Childress Beasley many many more! Please contact me if you have anything! Please! I am trying to pull together some roots for my ill father. Thank you so much. God Bless

May 30, 2000 - 23:48 - From: - Donna Beasley Jarvis

ROLLINS - william henery rollins b27 nov 1836 looking fo info on this persons family mother may have been phebia william rollins died in desoto county ms.1904

May 31, 2000 - 22:03 - From: - robert w gale

MCLAUGHING - Would appreciate any information on the surname Mclaughing. Family with this surname is believed to have settled in the Petersburg area.

Jun 11, 2000 - 15:08 - From: - Lee W. Hennessy

UNDERHILL - I am looking for information on a Lucrecian Underhill. Time period about 1865. She had a baby in 1865. Know nothing else about her except she was listed as the mother on the birth certificate. Would appreciate any help.

Jun 16, 2000 - 16:12 - From: - Mary Eveline Hetzler

ANDREWS & BELCHER - I am seeking the names of the parents of Thomas ANDREWS and Mary Tatum BELCHER who married on December 24, 1822 in Chesterfield County. Their children were Adelina S., David T., John N. and Martha A.

Jun 18, 2000 - 02:40 - From: - Tina Ellis

ANDREWS, BELCHER & VAUGHAN - I'm searching for the parents of Elizabeth A. GISH who married John N. ANDREWS. His middle name may have been Nathan or Nathaniel. He fought in the Civil War. Two known children were Susan Epps and Mary. Susan married William James Renshaw I of Maryland. Mary married a VAUGHAN. Both sisters are buried in the VAUGHAN Burial Grounds on Butterwood Road outside of Petersburg.

Jun 18, 2000 - 02:43 - From: - Tina Ellis

ANDREWS, EDWARDS, RENSHAW, SWAIM/SWAIN - I'm trying to find where William Thomas RENSHAW and Martha Ann EDWARDS died. They were in the Petersburg area in the about 1890 to 1900. Children of William Thomas and Martha Ann were William James, Esther L., Annie V., Mary H., Rose E., Robert H. L., Charles E. and Hester. William Thomas had a brother named Henry that was a minister in Baltimore, MD. Charles E. was a minister also. William James RENSHAW married Susan Epps ANDREWS. His second wife was Anna SWAIM/SWAIN of North Carolina. Martha Ann EDWARDS had a brother named Meredith K. EDWARDS. I have found William Thomas, Martha Ann, William James, Esther L., Annie V., Mary H., Rose E., Robert H. L. and Charles E. in the 1880 census of Wicomico Co., MD. Hester would have been born after that date in Petersburg or surrounding area.

Jun 18, 2000 - 02:50 - From: - Tina Ellis

CLAYTON, GILL, HICKS,LUFSEY, LOVESAY, MC LAUGHLIN, MOORE, SCROGGINS - I would like to know the parents names of Sarah GILL who married William D. LUFSEY on October 30, 1849 in Petersburg. She had only one witness, her mother, Elizabeth. The Surety was Matthew SCROGGINS. Their children were William Daniel, John Howard and James Randell. William Daniel married Martha Ann MOORE and Linda Rebecca HICKS. John Howard married Lucy A. MCLAUGHLIN. James Randell married Julia CLAYTON. After he drowned in the Appomatox River in 1883, Julia married a first cousin of these siblings named Joseph. Would like to also verify William D. LUFSEY's mother's maiden name. Her first name was Sarah, and his father was John LUFSEY. William D.'s siblings were Mary, James Edwin and Edward.

Jun 18, 2000 - 03:01 - From: - Tina Ellis

BAIRD - Searching for James Pleasant Baird --He married Margaret Augusta Anderson on 1-15-1857 in Petersburg.

Jun 23, 2000 - 18:18 - From: - Marianne Baird Way

BAILEY (BAYLEY) - I am seeking information on my fifth great-grandmother, Sarah Separk Bailey. She was married to my ancestor, Antonio Separk in the late 1700s. They had a son, Henry Deane Separk. After Antonio's death she married an Alex H. Bayley and they had a son, John L. Hubbard Bailey. She also had a sister, Lavenia Delano who was married to a C. Delano. Sarah died in Petersburg in 1862 and is buried in Old Blandford Cemetery. If any of her decendants from her son, or her sister are living, I would like for them to contact me so that I might learn more about her. Thank you, Barbara Separk Reinking

Jul 10, 2000 - 22:30 - From: - Barbara Separk Reinking

GILL - Hi,My name is Graham Webb and i am looking for information on my grandmothers Gill Family.Here is a list of names i have so far:Florence Virginia Gill,Charlotte Warren Gill,James Gray Gill,Katherine Bell Gill,and Jane Gill.Would be glad to share what little information i have with any one that can connect to any of the above names.

Jul 13, 2000 - 20:04 - From: - Graham Sydnor Webb Jr.

ROSENBLUM, ROSENBLOOM, RUBENSTEIN, GELLMAN, KAUFMAN - Louis ROSENBLOOM was b abt 188O in Lomza, Poland. His family's name was probably actually MOHEL. When Louis came to the US, the immigration officials could not understand the Russian language so they changed Louis MOHEL's name to ROSENBLUM. It is possible that Louis Louis (MOHEL) ROSENBLUM had a sister who lived in California and a brother who lived in New York who had 2 sons. Louis (MOHEL) ROSENBLUM married est 1903 Fannie GELLMAN b abt 1884 in Russia, the dau of Moses GELLMAN and Sarah KAUFMAN. Louis and Fannie ROSENBLOOM first lived in New York where their 1st son, David was born abt 1904. He married abt 1925 Janice Ernestine ("Ernie") RUBENSTEIN and they had 2 daughter's. David and Ernie ROSENBLOOM are both dead now as well as their oldest daughter. Louis and Fannie G. ROSENBLOOM moved to the City of Petersburg in the early 1900's where Louis was the owner / proprietor of a general merchandising business and where another son and daughter were born and raised. The family lived on Central Hill in Petersburg in a house that was like a duplex. Rosenblooms lived in the front part and another family lived in the back. There was an alcove in the kitchen that led to stairs to the basement where a tunnel led to the river. During the Civil war soldiers and slaves would be taken thru the tunnel to the river. This home was near Central Hill estate, a mansion where the children sometimes would play on its grounds. This Central Hill mansion still exists, has been renovated and is open to tours for a fee. The 2 son's moved to and lived in Richmond, VA and their daughter moved to California. Louis and Fannie ROSENBLOOM moved to Venice, LosAngeles, CA in 1945 where their daughter lived. They had lived there for 10 months when Louis died 13 Jul 1946 at age 66 of Chronic myocardial degeneration due to coronary artery disease. His wife, Fannie died 20 years lated 20 Apr 1967 in Los Angeles, California. This is my grandaughter's family. Please contact me if you have any information: Mary Kay Ward, 1432 Yeardley Drive, Richmond, VA 23225-2906; Ph; 804-232-9338. Thanks.

Jul 14, 2000 - 18:18 - From: - Mary Kay Ward

DAY - I am researching the descendents of Bishop Oscar Theodore Day born 7/29/1865 in OH and died 1/26/1917 in VA. He was a bishop in the African Methodist Episcopal (A.M.E.)Church in Petersburg, VA. It is known that he was previously a pastor at St. James A.M.E. Church in Norfolk, VA in 1908 but family records indicate his last known location as Petersburg, VA. His wife's name was Jennie and any information on their children or grandchildren would be greatly appreciated.

Jul 17, 2000 - 03:23 - From: - Michael M. Bridges

STARK - My ggg grandfather, James Stark lived in Petersburg in the mid 1700's. He sold gunpowder out of his home and also reported a horse stolen. This information was in the paper. I'm told he was b.about 1740 (not verified). He later lived in Granville Co.N.C. where he died in 1798 on his plantation. If anyone might have any information on James, please contact me at bennn@ccp.com Thank you, Nadine

Jul 17, 2000 - 11:46 - From: - Nadine Stark Newman

Petersburg Queries

WOOD - My great great grandfather was William B. Wood born around 1828. The family Bible records his marriage to Mary E. Wood on July 15, 1875 in North Carolina with both of them being from Petersburg. He died in1896. Looking for other descendents and for more information.

Jan 5, 1999 - 17:59 - From: - Martha C. Yoder

BERRY - My great great grandmother was Mary E. Berry born around 1853. She married William B. Wood July 15, 1875. Family Bible has both of them from Petersburg although marriage took place in NC. She died in 1901. Looking for more information and other descendents.

Jan 5, 1999 - 18:02 - From: - Martha C. Yoder

WEAR - My great grandfather was Joseph James Wear married to Emma Clarence Wood. Their first two children were born in Petersburg. Looking for other descendents and more info on Wears.

Jan 5, 1999 - 18:04 - From: - Martha C. Yoder

WHITE - WHITE, Charles b March,1845 in Petersburg married X 2. Known chidren from 1st marriage: Charles, Lonzo, Archie, Lula M. 4 unknown. Married 2ndly, in 1889 to Arnetta BUSH b1865 in Putnam Co., WVa. Children: Ethel, Bluford, Florence, Zella, Roscoe, Leonard and Zilpha. Settled in Milton then Huntington, Cabell Co., WVa. Any information about Charles WHITE b1845 would be great.

Jan 18, 1999 - 10:01 - From: - Diana Lynne

WEBB, KARR, ROMINE - It is family tradition that William (Homer) WEBB, ran a wagon train link on the "Under Ground Rail Road" between Petersburg, Virginia and Ironton, Lawarence County, Ohio. William's wife was Isabella KARR (CARR). His daughter was my gg grandmother, Mary Clementine WEBB b. 1854. Mary's husband was Thaddeus S ROMINE. There childern were b. in Ohio and WVA. Do you know my family? If so, I hope you will let me know. Bette

Jan 19, 1999 - 01:35 - From: - Bette

Pond - I am searching for Mary Francis Pond born in 1919 to Leonard and Mary Pond. Last known address is 936 Washington Street. At the time of the 1920 census she was the 5th child of 5 children born to Leonard and Mary. Her siblings were Elizabeth(1912), John(1913), Margeret(1915) nad Franklin(1916). Mary would be 79 if alive today and I am eager to locate her or her surviving relatives. Mary is my biological grandmother but she does not know I exist. I do know that she may have signed up with the US Army in her early twenties. I also know she was in Lakewood, Ohio in March of 1945. This is where my trail goes cold. If anyone out there could help me out I would be forever grateful.

Jan 24, 1999 - 23:00 - From: - Karen Scott

Pond - I am searching for Mary Francis Pond born in 1919 in Petersburg, last known address was 936 Washinton Street. At the time of the 1920 census, there were 5 children born to Leonard and Mary Pond. They were Elizabeth, John, Margaret, Franklin and Mary Francis. Any information would be of utmost importance as time is limited in finding her if she is still alive.

Jan 26, 1999 - 18:08 - From: - Karen Scott

THOMAS C. ANDREWS, JOHN HORACE ANDREWS, AZUBAH FAY, ELIZABETH DIXON ANDREWS - Thomas C. Andrews d. 4 Jan 1900, in City of Petersburg, and was buried "near Carson, Va." I need proof of death, or obituary, possibly death or burial certificate. Thomas came to Marion Co., OH and was enumerated 1830 in Bowling Green Tp. Made several trips back to VA. Some of his children born there, some in Ohio. Mother was Azubah Fay, father was John "Horace" Andrews, a chain carrier for an early surveyor in Logan, Union and Marion Cos.

Jan 27, 1999 - 21:10 - From: - Ila L. LaRue

MCCALEB, HARDY, FITTZ, RUFFIN - Looking for information on Thomas Joseph MCCALEB and his family. He was married first to Lucy HARDY and had several children. His second marriage, around 1867, was to Martha HARDY (what relationship to Lucy?). Thomas and Martha had four children. The oldest, John Walter MCCALEB, was my great-grandfather. He married Sarah Ruffin FITTZ, daughter of Alexander Lycurgus FITTZ and Laura Lavenia RUFFIN in the early 1900s. Thomas Joseph MCCALEB appears in the 1860 census as a cabinet maker in Petersburg, but I cannot find him in Virginia before that. Any information on any of these individuals would be helpful. I am particularly interested in the parents of Thomas MCCALEB, Martha and Lucy HARDY, and the father of Alexander FITTZ, as well as there whereabouts before 1860. Thank you!

Feb 2, 1999 - 09:56 - From: - Julia E. Benson

BROOKS, ADAMS, THRIFT - Looking for information about Mavis BROOKS, born abt 1770-78 in ? Va. She married a Baptist Preacher named Thrift or Thriff. Lived in Petersburg Va. for many years. Mavis was the daughter of John BROOKS and Sarah ADAMS. Brothers William, Christopher and John. Any Help appreciated. Thank you.

Feb 3, 1999 - 07:57 - From: - Deborah

DOBSON, FISHER, PIERCY, LARKIN, SEAWELL, TYLER, OLIVER - Searching for info on Benjamin Franklin Dobson m/Virginia Fisher, second wife; BFD died Dec 15, 1929 supposed to be buried in Blandford Cemetery beside Virginia. Had son, Budd Benjamin Dobson. Need death certificate and any other info available on these people.

Feb 15, 1999 - 12:00 - From: - Sylvia O. Rowe

MITCHELL - John Henry MITCHELL I was born in Petersburg, Dinwiddie CO. He died in Ogelthorpe, GA in 1806. Thus his birth date may have been from 1740 to 1750. Unverified information says his wife was Mary ZIEGLER. He had a son named Thomas Hardaway MITCHELL who was born in Dinwiddie Co, VA. in 1793, and lived in Walton Co. GA.. Would anyone have John Henry's birth date, wife's name and parents? Help would be appreciated. Bill MITCHELL mitchell3121@worldnet.att.net

Feb 18, 1999 - 17:31 - From: - William G. (Bill) MITCHELL

DOBSON, PIERCEY, LARKIN - DOBSON, GARY FRANKLIN supposed to have married Maude Estelle Piercey ca 1903. Adopted a boy of about 5 and his name was George Larkin Dobson. Need proof of marriage and parentage of GLD. Said Dobsons to have lived in Colonial Heights, Petersburg, VA.

Feb 19, 1999 - 20:06 - From: - Sylvia O. Rowe

ACREE WRIGHT CONGDON POLLARD - I am looking for any information on a William Joshua ACREE b. 1842 d. 1925 in Petersburg. He married Josephine Wright b. 1842 d. 1915 in Petersburg. Both are buried at Blandford. They had two children that lived to be adults, Mable Estelle ACREE b. 1882 in Petersburg d. 1951 in Petersbury married Frank Carr Congdon. Harry ACREE married Jenny POLLARD. I would like any information on these people. Thank you.

Feb 21, 1999 - 16:40 - From: - Elizabeth Veserat

TATUM - TATUM - I am reseaching William H. G. TATUM (?-1865) and his wife Ann Elizabeth (?-c1885). What was her maiden name? They had a grocery store at 3 Market Square in Petersburg. In 1865 they moved to Prince George County. Who were their parents? When and where were they born and married? They had two daughters, Mary Ann and Emiline Agnes.

Feb 24, 1999 - 22:42 - From: - Lonnie Baird

MELTON - I'm seeking information on the following family: MELTON, L. W., born in Petersburg, 1813 MELTON, Mary (wife of L. W.) born in Petersburg, 1822 MELTON, William Henry A. (son) born in Petersburg, 1838, (died in Lynchburg, May 8, 1864) MELTON, Eugene A., (son) born in Petersburg, 1843 I need info on the marriage of L. W. and Mary, and the parents of both. Also, did William Henry A. die as a result of the Civil War, or? Any information on the above family will be gratefully appreciated!

Mar 29, 1999 - 18:56 - From: - Audrey Melton Althaus

WILLIAMS, CRAFTON - I am seeking information on the Crafton-Williams family that moved from Lunenburg/Nottoway Co (Crafton family) and Williams (James Winfield) who came from Surry and Prince George Counties. My grandfather was Paschal Junius Crafton and my grandmother was Sarah Elizabeth Williams. They settled in Petersburg around the turn of the century where my mother (Minnie Virgina Crafton) was born. They lived in the area of West High Street. If anyone has any information on this family, I'd appreciate hearing from you.

Apr 9, 1999 - 16:13 - From: - Sarah Rafter

MAY _ ACH - Looking for desc. of Godfrey May b.1828, Hessen Darmstadt,m Fanny (Violet) Ach in New York in early 1850's. Was in Petersburg, Va. in 1880. Had sons Abraham and Eugene Samuel and six daughters at least!

Apr 12, 1999 - 01:41 - From: - Charlotte Powell

ARCHER - I'm looking for information on my ggrandmother, Mary Leigh ARCHER, born in Petersburg, VA, in either 1819 or 1822. She married Littleberry W. Melton on Mar. 5, 1838 in Pittsylvania Cty.,(or at least, obtained the license there.)I would appreciate any information anyone could give me on her or her family. I have much on the MELTON side to share.

Apr 13, 1999 - 18:01 - From: - Audrey Melton Althaus

DAVISON - Seeking information concerning the DAVISON family. JOHN CRAWFORD DAVISON married MARY ELIZABETH ROBINETTE. His sister, CARLOTTA, married JACOB ROCKEFELLER.

Apr 14, 1999 - 19:20 - From: - WMBryant. Jr.

DAVISON - Seeking information concerning the DAVISON family. JOHN CRAWFORD DAVISON married MARY ELIZABETH ROBINETTE. His sister, CARLOTTA, married JACOB ROCKEFELLER.

Apr 14, 1999 - 19:20 - From: - WMBryant. Jr.

RAWLS - Looking for any info. on the RAWLS family who were residents of near PETERSBURG in the 1750's to 1770's, especially LUKE RAWLS. He could have been under LUKE RALLS; ROLLS; ROWLES;ETC. Thanks BOBBY RAWLS 100 N. COTTONWOOD BIG SPRING, TEXAS 79720-1769 (915)267-5636 brrawls@crcom.net

Apr 19, 1999 - 20:59 - From: - Bobby Rawls

POOL - Looking for William Pool b. 1732 ca d.1776 ca in Petersburg, Va. and buried there. and married Elizabeth "Millie" Ward? who moved to Randolph Co. N.C. 1800ca They had 10 kids. William's father may have been Zachariah Poole of Essex Co., Mass. who married Rebecca Wade. From Randolph Co. the Pool/Pooles went to Alexander Co.(Jesse) Emily married Rev. Wm. P. Swanson a Bapt.Minister. This family is a direct decendent of Lady Margaret Plantagenet Pool of England.

Apr 23, 1999 - 23:10 - From: - Gail Gaither

BAKER - Hello, My gggrandfather Ambrose Baker, died in battle at Petersburg, 30 Sept. 1864 at Squirrel Level Road, Peebles Farm. He was a Cpl in the Penn. Vols., 91st Reg. Co. C. There is no note on pension records as to where he was buried. I believe it to be the National Cemetery. How can I contact them to find information? Joy, Napa, CA

Apr 24, 1999 - 11:25 - From: - Joy

DE JARNETT - I am looking for any information about John DeJarnett who lived in the City of Petersburg, Virginia. He was born 1776 and married Mary Ann Badger. Any information will be very much appreciated. Joyce DeJarnett Truitt

Apr 30, 1999 - 12:13 - From: - Joyce DeJarnett Truitt

MCNAMARA - Searching for any information on my father, John P McNamara and his 3 brothers: William Martin, Vernon, and Harry. All were born and raised in Petersburg. John was born 1913, the others within a few years of him. I have no living relatives that can provide any info. Please respond if you have any information.

May 1, 1999 - 10:27 - From: - Richard McNamara

RIORDAN DICKERSON DICKINSON - I am looking for info on Grorge Francis Riordan and his wife Jane Dickerson who lived at Petersburg 1825. Children born to them at Petersburg were Lafayette W. Riordan b 1825 and sisters Frances and Mary. Were they married at Petersburg?

May 8, 1999 - 14:54 - From: - Donna Thomas

BROOKS SLAUGHTER - BROOKS/SLAUGHTER: I am looking for information on Frances (Fanny/Fannie B.) BROOKS. She was born about 1829 in Lunenburg Co., VA; married Robert A. SLAUGHTER on 15 May 1852 in Mecklenburg Co., VA; she died 8 May 1882 in Petersburg, Dinwiddie, VA. Her parents were John W. BROOKS and Rebecca. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

May 9, 1999 - 14:49 - From: - Tonya S. Carlson

GREEN(E)/BROWN/ MOLLA GLADSTON/ - Gertrude Green(e) born 1885 in Petersburg, Va. Daughter of Etta Green(e)or Browne. I am also searching for information on Molla Gladston or the term a Molla Gladston or gladsten or Gladstone.

May 12, 1999 - 13:34 - From: -

NOBLIN - William NOBLIN, son of Samuel and Frances NOBLIN, of Warwick Co, Va is interred in Blandford Cemetery, in 1847, according to the records. As seeking any information about William or any NOBLIN family.

May 13, 1999 - 20:48 - From: - Al Noblin

LINGERFELT - I am researching the LINGERFELT's some were in the City of Petersburg area. Anyone who connects to them please contact me. I am willing to exchange information with you. My line comes from JACOB LINGERFELT 1786 N.C.

May 17, 1999 - 18:47 - From: - Denise Lingerfelt Hucks


May 18, 1999 - 00:34 - From: - BOB DUNCAN

FARRELL, TAYLOR, LEWIS - FARRELL, Louise, believed to have been born somewhere in or around Petersburg, Va on april 12 1893. Mothers name was TAYLOR, India & fathers name was FARRELL, Emmitt. Am looking for infomration on either the Taylor or Farrell side of the family. Louise Farrell was adopted (offically uncertain) by George Lewis of Gloucester County as a child. Any information would be appreciated.

May 20, 1999 - 15:25 - From: - Rose Marie Lewis

HOTZ - Looking for info for Joseph Hotz (1860-1932) of Petersburg, VA. Wife: Marie Harth, Child: Mary Kathryn Hotz married in Petersburg, VA in 1901

May 28, 1999 - 21:59 - From: - Lori Taylor

CLARK-STEWARD - MY FATHER WAS BORN IN PETERBURG HIS NAME IS JAMES STEWARD HIS FATHER NAME WAS ALSO JAMES STEWARD HE LIVED ONLITTLE CHURCH St AROUND 1935 Mary and Benjamin Clark are my great-grand parents he was a butcher around 1920 if any one has any information please let me know thank you

May 28, 1999 - 22:10 - From: - Doree Steward Richardson

GOODWYN - My fathers name was Claiborne Wesley Goodwyn. He had a brother, William Jr., who went by "Roper"... Two sisters, Madilene (deceased) and Mildred, who married and still live lives with Roy Norris in Virginia. My grandfathers name was William an my grandmother was named Lillian. I know that the Goodwyn family lived in Dinwiddie County for many many years. Just looking for some information.

May 29, 1999 - 11:22 - From: - David Goodwyn

ALLGOOD - looking for information on Allgood (or Algood) family of Petersburg including the following individuals: Charles Allgood, Martha Allgood (b. 1802 in Nottoway Co.?)

Jun 1, 1999 - 11:29 - From: - Daniel Hodges

Tipton ---- Houchins ------ Perry -

Jun 1, 1999 - 16:48 - From: - Frances Houchins Tipton

JONES - Looking for information on Sally Witt Jones (believe she lived in Petersburg around 1920's-30's on High Street with her family.

Jun 4, 1999 - 16:18 - From: - Margaret Hall Doyle

MOSS - Green H. Moss was living in Petersburg during the War of 1812, then moved to Rowan Co., NC before settling in White Co., TN. There was a Thomas Moss in Petersburg throughout the early 1800's. I think the two may have been brothers. Would like help from anyone who may have information on either of these men.

Jun 4, 1999 - 18:14 - From: - Linda Sartin

HYLAND, PETTIBONE, GHEEN, CLARSON, RYAN - Thought this marriage notice from Baltimore Paper, might help someone: CLARSON - RYAN On June 2, 1886, at St. Marks P.E. Church, West Lombard St., by Rev. George F. Plummer, Augustus E. Clarson, formerly of Kenosha City, Wisconsin and Miss Julietta V. Ryan, formerly of Petersburg, VA. I would also like to know if there is any link to the following surnames: Hyland, Pettibone, Gheen. Thank you.

Jun 4, 1999 - 21:51 - From: - Sharon Goetz

WINFREE - Searching for info for Adicus Winfree, born 1840 Petersburg, dinwiddie co. Father William A Winfree, mother Elizabeth Cousins Winfree. William and Elizabeth married Chesterfield co. 6 aug 1832. Adicus married Emma Stow 20 dec 1866 daughter of nelson stow and martha stow . Cannot come up with info on Adicus any help would be appreciated.

Jun 8, 1999 - 20:09 - From: - Jeanette Alexander

FLEMING, LEWIS, EVANS - I would like to find information regarding Lucy Lewis Fleming b. January 27, 1770 and only surviving child of Lt-Col. Charles Fleming of Petersburg and Lucy Lewis. Charles Fleming died during the Battle of Monmouth, New Jersey in the Revolutionary War. His wife was Lucy Lewis, daughter of Warner Lewis of "Warner Hall". Lucy Lewis Fleming married William Evans of Scotland and had one son, Fleming Bolling Evans.

Jun 12, 1999 - 23:45 - From: - Cissy Chambers

COURNOW and CRAZE - COURNOW surname, Petersburg...Looking for the cemetary where family members buried late 1800's early 1900's Mary Ann Cournow Craze daughter of Caroline Ashman and ? Cournow. She was married to J.W. Craze jeweler/watches Manchester, Virginia Any information appreciated.

Jun 14, 1999 - 23:40 - From: - Charlene Craze

NASH - Looking for information on Edward P. Nash and his son, Joseph Van Holt Nash, both of Petersburg. Edward was married to Susan Decatur Van Holt, and Joseph married Margaret Bowden of Norfolk.

Jun 23, 1999 - 13:12 - From: - Arthur Bergeron

COTTEN - Am interested in the Cotten family. My grandfather Albert Jefferson Cotten was born in Ettricks. His father was James Washington Cotten. Cotten Motors was long a Petersburg landmark.

Jun 27, 1999 - 18:30 - From: - Bill Scott

MOORE - I'm descended from Bishop(possibly John Bishop) Moore, who is known to have migrated to Georgia about 1800 from Petersburg to sell tobacco. I am seeking his parentage. Think his father came to Virginia from England. Any help appreciated. Curtis Ballenger St. Louis, Missouri

Jun 28, 1999 - 22:33 - From: - Curtis Ballenger

MOORE - I'm descended from Bishop(possibly John Bishop) Moore, who is known to have migrated to Georgia about 1800 from Petersburg to sell tobacco. I am seeking his parentage. Think his father came to Virginia from England. Any help appreciated. Curtis Ballenger St. Louis, Missouri

Jun 28, 1999 - 22:34 - From: - Curtis Ballenger

WILLS - I am looking for any information on the WILLS family, some of whom were born in Petersburg... JOHN E WILLS married his second wife, SALLIE B TAYLOR, in Petersburg, in 1866....they had 4 children born in Petersburg....JOHN THOMAS WILLS b. 1852 d.1873 INDIANA EDWARD WILLS (a daughter) B.1855 JOHN MARSHALL WILLS b. 1867 d.1867 HARRY WILLS b.1868 ALSO I have the family bible with information on all three of JOHN's marriages and all 10 of his children. e-mail me

Jun 29, 1999 - 22:50 - From: - Barb

JONES - We are looking for a R.A.J. Jones of the Petersburg or Dinwiddie area. He was born approx. 1830, his wife's name was Lavinia and they had 4 children. He appears on the 1870 census in Petersburg. Any information that you might have would be greatly appreciated.

Jul 3, 1999 - 22:13 - From: - Linda

Jones, Perkins, Perkinsen - Petersburg,Va. Jones, Margret(Maggie)maiden name Jones, married Perkins, or Perkinsen, Henry (Spanish American War Vet.) Three known children. Sarah Mae. Otilia and Florence. Sara Mae is my maternal grandmother. D. Downing- DOWNDEE@prodigy.net

Jul 4, 1999 - 23:23 - From: - Denise Downing

DUNAWAY - Can anyone tell me where they buried Crittenden Dunaway, Pvt, CSA at the Petersburg General Hospital, who died there February 26 1863, of penuemonia? Is there a Petersburg Cemetery where they normally buried soldiers who died at the General Hospital? He was a Pvt, Co E. 51st Alabama Cav, Morgan's he entered the hospital 22 Feb and died on the 26th. Thank you. Peter D. Gold

Jul 7, 1999 - 16:40 - From: - peter d. gold

WORSHAM - An article in a Petersburg newspaper dtd Aug 27 1870 mentioned a WORSHAM TAVERN on old St. Im trying to identify its owner died in 1826. Can anyone suggest an avenue of research? Were licenses or permitts to operate a tavern required in thise days? Where would applications for them be located? What was the name of the newspaper extent in those days? Is it still in operation?

Jul 8, 1999 - 10:08 - From: - Kevin Fitzpatrick

KEYS - I am researching my ancestor, Thomas Keys, born 1772 in Petersburg,son of John Keys who was born abt 1750, and sailed with his father from England to America after the death of his mother. Thomas Keys' grandfather remarried in Chesterfield County, VA and had William and Bingham Keys. I do not know Thomas's grandfather's name, nor the name of his grandmother or stepmother. Thomas married about 1793-Nancy ? in Bedford, VA and had Dolly Madison or Martha Keys, Eleanor Keys, Tilghman Keys, John Bernard Keys, and Stanfield Keys. Any information would be greatly appreciated! Carolyn Ray Guth

Jul 14, 1999 - 09:30 - From: - Carolyn Ray Guth

JONES - We are looking for any information on the Jones of the Dinwiddie and Petersburg areas. In perticular we are looking for information on R.A.J. Jones. Any information you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

Jul 18, 1999 - 13:08 - From: - Linda Gifford

MARTIN - We are seeking relatives of Gilbert Anderson Martin, b. Sept 28, 1920 in Petersburg. Father: Richard David Martin. Mother: Pearl Mae Lynch. Gilbert martin entered the air force on Dec 27, 1950 in Richmond VA. His address at that time was 303 Lakeview Ave., Colonial heights, VA. We know he had a brother and sister. He had a son by a previous marriage. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Can you help us?

Aug 19, 1999 - 12:41 - From: - Shirley R Martin

LACY, HOPKINS - Hi! I'm writing in regard to a marriage that sup- posedly took place in the City of Petersburg on Dec- ember 8, 1787, between Thomas Batts Lacy and Frances Hopkins. I'm hoping that I can find information confirming this event. The City of Petersburg page shows that marriage records go back to 1780, and I was wondering if anyone out there had access to a register of marriages for Petersburg that could provide info. about this event. I would really appreciate any information that was available. Thanks so much!

Aug 22, 1999 - 18:29 - From: - Brian C. Hunter

KEYS - Hi, am trying to find the maiden name of my GGgrandmother Elizabeth Keys b. 03 Sep 1814 in Va. d. 25 Apr 1894 in Ettrick, Chesterfield County (Lower District) Virginia , wife of Robert Keys b. 25 May 1804 d. 09 Oct 1887. She would have been survived by a Grandson Charles Robinson Keys and his family of Petersburg, Va, and Dau-in-Law Mary Jane Eanes Keys of Chesterfield Co. VA. If anyone has access to Newspapers (25 Apr 1894 or later) of the area, the Richmond or Petersburg obits and could see if her parents names or her maiden name was listed in her death notice, I would be more than grateful. I have hit a dead end and can not find where she was born or who her line is. Thank you Jerry Woolard in Brandon, Fl.

Aug 24, 1999 - 19:45 - From: - Jordan O Woolard Jr

BEASLEY - ANDREW L. BEASLEY- Searching for information about ancestors of Andrew Locke Beasley born in Petersgurg on 02-05-1874. A relative I have in Petersburg that is deceased is Myrtie. Her son, I dont know if he is living, is Marshall Beasley and he had a sister named Maurene that lived in Colonial Heights. Have lost touch with the living relatives in past 20 years. Any help with ancestors of Andrew Beasley would be helpful. Also if the living relatives are known by anyone, please have them get in contact with John Williams c/o Surry County Sheriff's Office P O Box 827 Dobson NC 27017.

Aug 29, 1999 - 23:21 - From: - John Williams

JAMES, WARD - Looking for a book "The Decendents of Lamuel James" by David Paul James. His last know address was 1853 Sherwood Rd, Petersburg, VA 13805. Wrote that address got no answer. Also looking for a location...would like a map if possible of this location...Joseph H. Ward was with Company F of the 31st North Carolina Infantry Located at Camp Dunn's Hill, on Jordan's farm near Petersburg, VA in January 1864. He is my wife's 2nd great grandfather. Can you help??

Sep 19, 1999 - 09:04 - From: - Gary R. Hill

MAGEE - There is a new site on the Library of VA. Peters Public Library Newspaper index 1797 to 1877. I went to the site and put in the Name MAGEE. I got this: MAGEE, J. W. A Sacred Relic. Ancient Bible, owned by Conductor J. W. Magee of Petersburg & Roanoke R. R. A legacy from his English ancestors, bearing date of 1630. 1 - 19 - 1859 Petg. Da. Express Oct 27 - 1/5 This information is listed on Card 27 of 80 on the Library of Va index. The actual article should be on microfische at the Petersburg Library. The article may or may not have info on the first Magee's in the Virginia area. If anyone has a copy of this I would love to have a copy. Jerry Woolard born in Petersburg, VA now in Brandon, Florida

Oct 3, 1999 - 09:11 - From: - Jordan Oscar Woolard Jr

Hastings, Murphy - I am looking for information concerning my grandmother Ester May Hastings (1890-Nov.1934), mother's name Jenny Hastings, and my great-grandmother Ellen M. Murphy (B.Dec. 25, 1868, D. Oct. 22, 1920.) I have no further information on either.

Oct 4, 1999 - 13:41 - From: - Carolyn Huffstickler

HENRY BEASLEY - Family of Henry Beasley or Beazley married Frances Monger in 1834. Any info would be great.

Oct 6, 1999 - 10:06 - From: - James Beasley

QUAKER MONTHLY MEETINGS - PETERSBURG QUAKER COMMUNITY: I'd be most appreciative to make a connect communication with anyone who has information on or is looking for information on the Quaker Community circa 1750 and beyond. I'm particularly interested in the development of Gravelley Run Monthly Meeting which seems to have possible ended up in the vicinity of Sutherland in Dinwiddie County.

Oct 23, 1999 - 09:23 - From: - John Tallman

BAUGH - Am interested in any info on James BAUGH III b. b/t 1711 and 1715 in Petersburg Cty., VA and d. abt 1780 in Dinwiddie Cty., VA - wife was Martha. He had @ least 2 sons: James IV and Daniel.

Nov 1, 1999 - 20:12 - From: - Claudia Borders

NEWCOMB BRITTINGHAM - My grandfather Meredith Augustine Newcomb married Emma Brittingham in 1899 at Petersburg. Any information appreciated.

Nov 6, 1999 - 10:53 - From: - Ken Newcombe

CHANDLER - I am looking for the parents of Thompson Chandler Born 20, February, 1811. Middle name might have been Fletcher.

Nov 12, 1999 - 20:07 - From: - Jarrett Chandler

WARTERFIELD, PATTERSON - I am seeking info on a Phillip Warterfield, born ca 1715 in Wales. According to my great-grandfather Dr. A.P. Warterfield, Phillip Warterfield briefly settled in Petersburg, Virginia in 1740's before moving on to Bedford and Amherst County, Virginia. Phillip's wife was Ann Patterson. Two of their sond were James and Peter Warterfield. Both fought in Revolutionary War. James died in 1776, and Peter in 1828 filed for Revolutionary War pension in Calloway Co.,KY. Any info on Phillip Wartyerfield and family in Petersburg area will be appreciated!

Nov 18, 1999 - 21:20 - From: - BILL DAHNKE

PORTIS - I am searching for any information on a George PORTIS who was said to have arrived in Isle of Wight around 1760 and is buried in "the old Petersburg cemetery". I've checked the listings for the Blanford Church Cemetery without luck. Wondered if anyone knows where the old Petersburg Cemetery is/was. Thanks, Barb

Nov 30, 1999 - 07:27 - From: - Barb Lewis

RIORDAN - I am looking for Jane R. Dickerson and George Francis Riordan who would have been married about1820. Three children were born to them at Petersberg. Lafayette W. Riordan, Frances and Mary. L.W. was born 1825. Janes parents were James Cole Dickerson and? Anything would be appreciated. Thanks Donna

Dec 2, 1999 - 23:27 - From: - Donna Thomas

SEWARD - I am looking for info on my greatgrandfather, William Henry Seward. He was born in Petersburg on Oct.12,1843. The family history is that he went to NC during the civil war and never returned to VA. He married Sarah E. Champion from Wake County, NC. They are buried near Southern Pines NC. I do not know his father's name but it may have been Walter. Anyone having info on the Sewards of Petersburg, I would apprciate help. Thank you! annmullen@aol.com

Dec 3, 1999 - 20:00 - From: - Ann Seward Mullen

HANCOCK - For Henry Hancock (et al) - Henry, I am from Anthony & Martin Hancock's line over in Red House - Was your ancestor one of Anthony's brothers? I am trying to find them... I can tell you tho, having lived there that you will find some of the people you are looking for in Columbia or Irmo S.C. - I knew Hank Hancock and his son - he owned Hancock Buick. I spoke to his Dad, and they were from up here in VA. originally. I think maybe to both our "missing links." - Also snoop around Jefferson County, GA if you haven't already. Lots of our family moved down there. I will be interested to see what you find. Jeni

Dec 4, 1999 - 22:52 - From: - Jeni

HUGHES - My ancestor Capt. Hezekiah Hughes of the Petersburg Packet who is referred to in the Maryland Historical society records of 1822 to 1824 is believed to be buried in the Blandford Cemetery in Petersburg. His wife was Saluda.I am trying to determine his DOB and DOD and any other infor from the cemetery records.Any and all help will be appreciated. Hobart Hughes

Dec 6, 1999 - 14:55 - From: - Hobart B. Hughes

BAILEY - Bailey, Edward b. 24 January 1879 in Petersberg, VA. (may have been of Afreican American decent).

Dec 8, 1999 - 11:14 - From: - Beckie Bailey

DONALDSON,THORBURN - Searching for information on Robert DONALDSON, a merchant in Petersburg about 1780. He was the maternal uncle of my immigrant ancestor, James THORBURN. Need marriage and death info on DONALDSON. Found him in 1787 tax rolls.

Dec 19, 1999 - 00:13 - From: - Jacquelyn Thorburn MELTON

POWELL - I am looking for information about John Wesley Powell born Petersburg Va 10-2-1863 or 1865

Dec 22, 1999 - 20:10 - From: - Jack York

KIRBY - KIRBY--my great grandfather, John J. Kirby, was born in Petersburg during the siege, we believe in 1864 or 65. We have no other information about the family in Petersburg. He left Virginia and became a vaudeville actor in New York City; moved to Philadelphia for the remainder of his life; died about 1937. Had a brother, Tom, who went to NY and remained there. Any information about Kirbys in Petersburg is appreciated.

Dec 27, 1999 - 18:05 - From: - Marianne Kirby Rhodes

REED, READ, READE - Looking for info on a George Reed or George A. Reed who was born in Petersburg, VA about 1827. Migrated to Westmoreland County, VA to the Kinsale/Oak Grove area. Was there in the 1850 census as a head of household. Married a Charlotte Lampkin in 1848. Applied for a seaman's license and listed Petersburg, VA as birthplace. Any info will be appreciated. Thanks!

Dec 31, 1999 - 18:50 - From: - Pat Reed Downs

Petersburg Queries

CIVIL WAR INDIAN REG'T OF PETERSBURG - I am searching for the name of the Civil War Unit that was composed of Indians. It was a Petersburg Unit.

Jun 23, 1998 - 19:49 - From: - Karen L. Salisbury

CLEMENTS - David CLEMENTS left Petersburg, VA about 1790 or later and moved his family to Hancock County, GA. His wife (name unknown) died in Petersburg before the move. I am interested in any CLEMENTS that may be the parents or siblings of David.

Jun 23, 1998 - 23:26 - From: - Jim Miller

RUDD - I am searching for my father Clifford Vernon Rudd born in Petersburg or Chesterfield County Sep.19,1908 His father was Vernon Clifford Rudd born Oct 3, 1872.. His mother was Mary (Crone) Rudd b.May 29,1880 d. April 29,1919 probably in Chesterfield County.. Have been searching for several years now. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Martin E Rudd email: gsd01645@mail.wvnet.edu

Jun 29, 1998 - 00:55 - From: - MARTIN E RUDD

DEHAVEN , PYLE - DEHAVEN , PYLE I'm interested in finding out who R. W. DEHAVEN and C.H. PYLE are. They bought some land off of Evi and Sarah WILSON. The land they bought in 1887 was located in Pittston, Luzerne County, Pa. I'm researching the DeHaven Family in Luzerne County and don't know who these people are. R.W.DeHaven and C.H. Pyle was from the City of Petersburg , VA. in 1887.

Jul 2, 1998 - 20:19 - From: - Sandy

DEHAVEN , PYLE - DEHAVEN , PYLE I'm interested in finding out who R. W. DEHAVEN and C.H. PYLE are. They bought some land off of Evi and Sarah WILSON. The land they bought in 1887 was located in Pittston, Luzerne County, Pa. I'm researching the DeHaven Family in Luzerne County and don't know who these people are. R.W.DeHaven and C.H. Pyle was from the City of Petersburg , VA. in 1887.

Jul 2, 1998 - 20:23 - From: - Sandy

BADGER - I'm trying to find ancestors of William H. Badger, who was born in Petersburg,Va in 1827. He moved to Ashe co. North Carolina in 1854 and married Alpha Duvall in 1857. In the Old Blandford Cementery it listed a Ann Badger, who's husband was Joseph Badger, was buried in her son's plot-William H. Badger, who could have been William H. Badger's father. This is my GGreatgrandfather. Thanks for any help.

Jul 4, 1998 - 22:37 - From: - Ruby Badger Pruitt

HALEY, MINGEA/MINGEE, WOMACK - HALEY,MINGEA/MINGEE, WOMACK: Seek pars/sibs of Richard Petry HALEY b 21 Feb 1824, VA, d. 18 June 1910, Camden, Benton Co, TN., married 19 Dec 1849 Catharine W. MINGEA b, 27 Nov 1832 Petersburg, VA, d 28 Feb 1903, Camden, Benton Co, TN. Chi: Ada Charlotte, Lilly Frances, Mary Susan, Cora M, Richard M., John Samuel.

Jul 9, 1998 - 18:40 - From: - Peggy HALEY Ferguson

OVERBEY - I am researching the Overbey,Overby,or Overbury family. Please note my new email address AGAIN! I apologize for having chinged emails so much but if you have info you can share with me I also have quite a bit. Thanks. Heather Overbey Cormier

Jul 16, 1998 - 22:43 - From: - Heather Overbey Cormier

NUCHOLS - NUCHOLS: Sylvester Nuchols with his wife Sally Sailes and his son Thomas and his wife came to Blount County, TN from Petersburg in 1813, according to my now deceased grandfather. Does anyone have documentation of births, deeds, or other records left by them in Petersburg?

Jul 19, 1998 - 18:11 - From: - Tommie Nichols


Jul 21, 1998 - 15:34 - From: - LINDA LOUISE JOYNER

JOYNER, GRIZZARD - I am looking for information pertaining to Mazie (May) Joyner, Grizzard who resided in Petersburg and worked for Brown and Williamson Tobacco and had a daughter by the name of Linda Louse Joyner born 10/23/48, if you have any information relating to the above, please contact me.

Jul 21, 1998 - 22:41 - From: - Debra Rea

JONES, SMITH, WEATHERLY - Looking for info on Thomas W. JONES b. 1784 VA; married Mary WEATHERLY b. 1791 VA Had at least 2 children: John W. b. 1823 Petersburg, VA and Mary b.? Petersburg. Mary married William SMITH; son William Thomas SMITH b. 4 Jan 1844 - Petersburg.

Jul 28, 1998 - 23:23 - From: - Constance Schofield

KITCHEN - HELP!!!! Looking for any info on my mothers family. She was born On Feb,19,l922 in Petersburg,Va.Her mothers maiden name was Florence E. Herring and fathers name was Enos Joseph Kitchen Sr.,he had a brother named Willie and 1 named Ben.Florence Herring had 10-12 siblings one by the name of Ella who still lives somewhere in Petersburg. The Kitchen family moved to Washington,D.C but I do not know when. Any info greatly appreciated. Hope you can help me !!! Thanks Ella married someone named Taylor/Traylor

Jul 29, 1998 - 16:22 - From: - Barbara Anne Poulter

HARRIS/EANES - Need info. on James A. Harris Mar. Elizabeth Eanes, Petersburg,Va. mar. bond 1840.They lived in Richmond,Henrico Co, Va. in 1850. 1850 census.

Jul 30, 1998 - 17:58 - From: - Gwen DuVall

HANCOCK, OLIVER - I am searching for ancestors, siblings, and/or descendants of Lieut. (Rev. War) John HANCOCK, b. abt 1735 in Petersburg, or Chesterfield Co, VA. He married Ann OLIVER (also of Petersburg/Chesterfield, Co.) by abt 1765. They were in Edgefield Dist of SC by 1769 (or sooner). They had at least eight children...John, George, Peter, William, Simon, Thomas (b. abt 1769, d. 1820), Polly (Mary) and Sarah (d. 1832, unmarried). Their son Thomas married his cousin, Martha Ann OLIVER (b. 1773 in Petersburg, VA).

Jul 30, 1998 - 19:30 - From: - henry hancock

STITH - moses L. stith

Aug 4, 1998 - 21:05 - From: - margie smith

TENCH HITCHCOCK - I'm looking for any information on Grace Emily Tench b. April 18, 1886 in Petersburg, VA who married Robert Marshall Hitchcock. They later moved to South Carolina. Grace Tench's parents were Joseph and Elisah(Eliga) Jane Tench. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Aug 5, 1998 - 20:50 - From: - Terri Owsley Hitchcock

MCCABE, OSBORNE, GORDON, CABINESS, VAUGHAN - William Gordon McCabe and wife Jane P. H. O. (possibly Osborne) lived in Petersburg, VA and are bur. in Blandford Cem., Petersburg, Bristol Par., VA along with their 6 children. Only one lived past childhood, Edmund Osborne McCabe (1868-1919). I believe this family is connected to surnames OSBORNE, CABINESS, VAUGHAN, GORDON, and others in Petersburg. I also believe William's parents were John C. McCabe and Sophie Gordon Smith who m in Richmond, VA 7 Aug 1838. Any help appreciated with this family.

Aug 8, 1998 - 21:10 - From: - Barbara Till Prestridge

UZZELL - Seeking info on William H. UZZELL of Petersburg, a printer who enlisted in the 9th VA Infantry in 1862. Need his ancestors & descendants.

Aug 10, 1998 - 10:22 - From: - Matthew W. Harris

Company F 25th Regiment NC Troops - Could someone give me some information on a possible battle around Petersburg in July 1862? The battle would have involved the Company f 25th Regiment of the North Carolina Troops. I had a great uncle in the Troops and he died in a Petersburg hospital July 30, 1862. Thanks Dale Wright

Aug 24, 1998 - 22:15 - From: - Dale Wright

JONES - I am in search of information on the following members of my family as follows. 1. Cadwallader Jones served as a Captain, Major and Colonel in the Army of Virginia. 2. Abraham Peter Jones also of virginia, was at Fort Henry and Captain of Virginia Militia in 1657. His son Peter 1665-1726 was a Major in the State Militia. Any information anyone might have in regards to these people. Please send information to my email address jjones@unicom .net Thank you for your help Jack Samuel Jones.

Aug 26, 1998 - 11:50 - From: - Jack Samuel Jones

HITCHCOCK, TENCH, SLADE, OWSLEY, SHARP, ROBBINS - Please HELP me as I need a lookup for a marriage dates so that I can order copies of the marriage certificates. I need the following two: Robert Marvin(could be Marshall) Hitchcock b. 1884 married Gracie Emily Tench b. 1886 in Petersburg, VA. They were most likely married in 1904, 1905 or 1906. The second is for Joseph Tench who married Eliza Jane Slade some time in 1874 to 1882. Thanks very much for any assistance. Terri

Aug 27, 1998 - 18:30 - From: - Terri Owsley Hitchcock

HALLOWAY - looking for info on my grandfather's family...the family of Joseph Burrell Halloway. He passed away in 1990

Aug 30, 1998 - 00:01 - From: - Suzy

GREEN - Looking for any information on the family of my my gggrandfather John Jay GREEN, bc: 1823 in Petersburg, WVa. At some time he came to Australia and was married in Melbourne, Australia in 1850s. His mother was Lydia ?, father Thomas Green. Any help at all would be appreciated.

Sep 4, 1998 - 00:53 - From: - Judy Evans

OWEN - Theodore Clifton Owen (1849-1919), son of Rev. James P. Owen and Elizabeth Brooks Brame, was arrested for murder of a black man on the steps of the Petersburg courthouse. He was jailed but his friends broke him out and he fled on horseback to Shreveport LA. I would like information on this family story. He first appears in Shreveport in 1880 but incident reportedly occured just at the close of the Civil War. I have visited the courthouse and looked through newspapers of that time and this incident certainly was possible. Need help in getting proof.

Sep 6, 1998 - 19:51 - From: - William Parham Owen III

WYNN - I am researching the Family name Wynn. Virgil O. Wynn b: 1839 m: ca1868, sp: Mary A. b:1846 Children: Hattie, Vernon (Vernard), Oscar O or C, Mary E. and Lula.

Sep 13, 1998 - 11:21 - From: - Roger Wynn

- Seeking info on Martha Jane Hawks who Married Hannibal Allen in the 1860s.

Sep 24, 1998 - 22:49 - From: - Bonna Loewe

HAWKS, ALLEN - Seeking info on Martha Jane Hawks who Married Hannibal Allen in the 1860s.

Sep 24, 1998 - 22:50 - From: - Bonna Loewe

EASTER - I am trying to track the Easter Family. Starting with Leonard Easter Born 1890 in Greensville Virginia, the son of Edward and Susanna Easter. Edward was the son of Buck and Sara Easter. Besty Easter's maiden name was Pearson the daughter or Robert Pearson the son of Reavis Pearson, who was married to Queenie. Also, Edward's wife Susanna was the daughter of Beverly and Fivvy Phipps. Fivvy was Seven years old when Robert E Lee Surendered What I am trying to trace is the primarily the Easter name, which belongs to a Afro-American family, but is believed to be taken from a White Slave owner. I would like to find the origin of the Easter name. Secondary, I am interested in the Pearson and Phipps name. The area in which this Afro-American Family was consentrated was Emporia, Peterburg, and the Greenville County Virginia Area. Any information on this family will be greatly appreciate.It may be helpful to note that Leonard Easter died in 1981 in Emporia Virginia where he spent most of his life. I can be emailed at Slgonzalez@juno.com

Sep 25, 1998 - 02:45 - From: - Shari Gonzalez

SIMMONS, MARTIN, MATTHEWS, VAUGHAN - I am seeking info on John Kansas Simmons b. 1856 d.1929 buried in Petersburg. His 2nd wife was Mary Martin. He had 4 children by his 1st wife Pearl Elmo Matthews and 2 of these stayed in Petersburg. Harry Simmons and Inez Simmons. Inez married Joseph Vaughan and they had several children that raised families in or around Petersburg. Any information on these families would be appreciated.

Oct 2, 1998 - 19:07 - From: - Mike Simmons

COGGINS - COGGIN. Looking for information on my grandfather, James Goode COGGIN who died in Petersburg in the late 1930's or early 1940's. If there is a book available on Petersburg deaths during this period I would appreciate it if somebody would look him up. Thanks in advance for the help. Knox Martin

Oct 3, 1998 - 22:59 - From: - Knox Martin

JONES - My Rev War ancestor, Mathew Jones, was "on the run" with Southside militiamen after the Battle of Petersburg on April 25, 1781. They "...reassembled at field head quarters in Chesterfield County, which was a place for rendezvous for broken dispersed detachments...". My ancestor, Mathew Jones thence removed to "FALLING CREEK CHURCH, at which he volunteered into another corps..." My question is: where is "FALLING CREEK CHURCH"? Was it a military depot to muster in and organize new units? What County? What history?

Oct 4, 1998 - 03:59 - From: - Jay B. Jones

MASON - I'm looking for info on John H. Mason born 11/16/1823 in the vicinity of Richmond. He moved to PA at age 16. I'm looking for info on his parents and the location of his birth.

Oct 7, 1998 - 12:12 - From: - Cheryl Mason

HAM - HAM, James F.(?) born abt 1818 in Petersburg, Va. Searching for ancestors, siblings. Married Elizabeth WHALEY who was born in Walker Co, Ga. Pattern of migration: Va>???>Ala>Tenn>Ark>Mo

Oct 12, 1998 - 01:17 - From: - Cheryl Gregg Schirmer

HAM - HAM, James F.(?) born abt 1818 in Petersburg, Va. Searching for ancestors, siblings. Married Elizabeth WHALEY who was born in Walker Co, Ga. Pattern of migration: Va>???>Ala>Tenn>Ark>Mo

Oct 12, 1998 - 01:19 - From: - Cheryl Gregg Schirmer

"Tippecanoe Tribe of Red Man" - "Tippecanoe Tribe of Red Men" I am looking for information on this organization that was in Petersburg. In doing research I found that my G,G,G, Grandfather belong to this organization. I believe it to be like the Son of Confederate Veterns, but this Veterns were in the Battle of Tippecanoe fought in 1811, in Indiana. Former Presidents Harrison and Taylor were commanders and so called war heros, later used it in the election for President the slogan " Tippecanoe and Taylor Too" I found a rooster of the men that fought this battle, and alot were from the Chesterfield, Petersburg and surrounding counties. I am asking anyone if they have ever heard of this organization and if it still exist today? Any information is welcome. Lori Haden

Oct 22, 1998 - 16:24 - From: - Lori Haden

NELMS - Nelms - I am looking for information on the NELMS family in the Petersburg area during or right after the Civil War

Oct 22, 1998 - 16:28 - From: - Jim Brown

POLLARD - I am looking for information about a Charles Edward Pollard who died in the mid-1940s. He was married to a Gladys Duncan and had twin sons, and a daughter, Anne. He was a district attorney, might have served on the state board of education and was involved in state level politics. I would like to know more about his parentage.

Oct 23, 1998 - 09:11 - From: - Bonnie Davis

POLLARD - I am looking for information about a Charles Edward Pollard who died in the mid-1940s. He was married to a Gladys Duncan and had twin sons, and a daughter, Anne. He was a district attorney, might have served on the state board of education and was involved in state level politics. I would like to know more about his parentage.

Oct 23, 1998 - 09:11 - From: - Bonnie Davis

STROUD - STROUD, I am searching for the Stroud family in the early 1800's. According to marriage records of Fayette Co., WV, William D. Stroud was born in Petersburg, VA. Any and all info on the Stroud family would be appreciated.

Oct 28, 1998 - 04:11 - From: - Jeanne Webb Gadd

BROWN - I am looking for information about William Hamlin Brown b.1824, d.1879 married Elnora Tucker

Nov 5, 1998 - 12:28 - From: - Jim Brown

BROWN - I am looking for information about William Hamlin Brown b.1824, d.1879 married Elnora Tucker

Nov 5, 1998 - 12:28 - From: - Jim Brown


Nov 6, 1998 - 22:32 - From: - WANDA JENKINS

JONES, LIGHTFOOT, HOGAN, PAYNE, MOODY - Gt.Gt.Gt.Henry Jones m. 3 times.His first wife was a Lightfoot, 2nd wife Mary Hogan had son Allen Jones, my Gt.Gt. Grandfather who married Mary Jane Moody.Henry's thrird wife was Ellender Payne. Henry moved to Barbour Co. AL from Petersburg VA. His father was also named Henry Jones

Nov 9, 1998 - 11:12 - From: - Celia Jones

MILES - MILES- Looking for information on JOHN E. MILES who married a MARY ANN WRIGHT in Petersburg in 1837. Both are buried at Blandford Ceme. I have two children listed and there could be others. JOSEPH S. MILES and CHARLES C MILES. I would like any information on MILES family. I know that JOSEPH MILES Married MALISSIA ADELAIDE TATUM, and CHARLES MILES married a ALICE C. RUFFIN. Also looking for infomation on JOHN MILES father EDMOND MILES. Who was living in Prince George in 1820. Any information on the MILES Family will be grateful, and I will share information. Lori Haden.

Nov 22, 1998 - 12:30 - From: - Lori Haden

DEAN - DEAN- Looking for info about the DEAN family- Mary Dean moved to Petersburg from Nottoway after husband Thomas was killed by a slave owned by Archer Jones on the farm of Edwin Boothe on Oct. 22, 1852. The Dean family owned several businesses in Petersburg including 'Ferndale Park', an amusement park operating at the turn of the century: ' Norfolk Seafood' , later 'Dean Seafood' and others. Leonidas Dean fought with the 'Petersburg Greys' and was killed in the Battle of the Crater on July 30, 1864. Anyone with any info please contact me.

Nov 22, 1998 - 20:10 - From: - Scott Dean Hamilton

NEWSOM MILES CLAY WELLS - Searching for info on Francis P. NEWSOM d 7-10-1895 Petersburg VA, married to Selina Ann WELLS. Who were their parents?? Children: Glen Roy DeWITT NEWSOM, Eleanora NEWSOM, Mary E(Mollye) NEWSOM. Searching for info on Benjamin Franklin MILES b.1820 d.11-4-1892 m. Martha Ann CLAY d. 5-6-1881 Who were their parents? children: Charles MILES, William MILES, Alice MILES (HAWKINS), Kate MILES(BUTTS), Pattie Martha MILES Glen NEWSOM b. 1-31-1851 d. 9-19-1918 married to Pattie Martha MILES b.9-26-1859 d. 3-16-1940 m. 4-26-1876 Petersburg, VA 10 children. Benny Rendell NEWSOM, Ella Blue NEWSOM, Frances Salina NEWSOM, Mollye Blue NEWSOM, Edwin Rendell NEWSOM, Nina Bee NEWSOM, Lillian Russell NEWSOM, Jennie Morgan NEWSOM, Virgina Reel NEWSOM(my grandmother), and Charles Miles NEWSOM.

Dec 11, 1998 - 15:35 - From: - Elaine Ferguson Turner

MANN,WINFREY - MANN, JOSEPH DUNCAN, SEARCHING for information on the ancesters of joseph duncan mann and his wife Maggie Miller winfrey mann, if anyone has any information please get in touch with me. Thank you. Elizabeth Ferguson

Dec 12, 1998 - 02:12 - From: - elizabeth Ferguson

LUCADO/LUCADOE - Seeking descendents or information about Drury L. LUCADO/LUCADOE who served in War of l8l2 and his wife who were living in Petersburg in l820. Sarah LUCADOE died in December l843 in Petersburg.

Dec 21, 1998 - 10:39 - From: - Carolyn Lucado Griffin

HOGGOOD - I am trying to locate information on my paternal grandfather, Joe Hoggood as he was lost track of around 1957. Nobody in our family knows of his last location after 1957.

Dec 25, 1998 - 15:50 - From: - Joseph A. Hoggood, Jr.

PEARMAN & COPLAND - PEARMAN, COPLAND PEARMAN - PEARMAN, Carter L. (b) 20 Dec 1817, Petersburg, VA (d) 18 Feb 1882, Baltimore, MD (m) Johnna COPLAND, 06 Oct 1849, Henrico Co., VA Siblings: Albert W. PEARMAN b. 1820, Petersburg, VA Elizabeth Yaege nee PEARMAN (b) UNK Query: Searching for Carter, Albert, & Elizabeth's parents

Dec 28, 1998 - 03:23 - From: - Carol Chiveral

COPLAND & PEARMAN - COPLAND, PEARMAN Johnna COPLAND, (b) 29 May 1823,Petersburg, VA (d) 3 Jan 1870,Baltimore, MD (m) on 06 Oct 1849, to Carter L. PEARMAN, (b) 20 Dec 1817, Petersburg, VA (d) 18 Feb 1882, Baltimore, MD

Dec 28, 1998 - 03:28 - From: - Carol Chiveral

COPLAND & PEARMAN - COPLAND, PEARMAN Johnna COPLAND, (b) 29 May 1823,Petersburg, VA (d) 3 Jan 1870,Baltimore, MD (m) on 06 Oct 1849, to Carter L. PEARMAN, (b) 20 Dec 1817, Petersburg, VA (d) 18 Feb 1882, Baltimore, MD

Dec 28, 1998 - 03:39 - From: - Carol Chiveral

City of Petersburg Query Page #2

NOLPHIN - I'm looking for any families by the name of Nolphin.Anybody that knows any family by that name "nolphin" please contact shoshocka@aol.com...Thanks

Jan 8, 1998 - 21:31 - From: - Thomas William Taylor

HOWLETT - Hello, I am looking for information on the Howlett family of Petersburg. Thomas Howlett b. 1827 married Letitia ???? b. 1827. Their children, all born in Petersburg, include Atwell L. b. 1856, Martha b. 1859, Annie E. b. 1860, Thomas Thaddeus b. 1863, Lillie b. 1866 and Kate O. b. 1867. I have more info on Thomas Thaddeus' family. Please contact me if you have anything pertaining to this family. Thank you.

Jan 10, 1998 - 18:31 - From: - Tara M. Campbell-Walton

PRENTIS - Seeking descendants of William Prentis who lived in Petersburg, VA in the middle and late 1700s.

Jan 21, 1998 - 23:05 - From: - Joe Dewald

YOUNG - I am searching for the cemetery that a Confederate Civil War Soldier would have been buried in at his death in Petersburg at the SC Hospital April 17, 1863. His name was C. L. YOUNG and he died of the 'camp colic. Any information appreciated.

Feb 2, 1998 - 00:15 - From: - A. J. Fields

JONES, HOGAN PAYNE - I would appreciate any any info about Henry Jones who constructed Folly Castle in Petersberg in anticipation of fathering a large family. He was an elderly man at the time.Married three times; had children by each wife. His second wife was Mary Hogan. Had son Cannon Jones. His third wife was Elendor Payne and she was 14 years of age at time of marriage. Henry was 74. Had son named Joseph when he was 76, Second son, Benjamin was born when Henry was 78. Henry died in Jan 1952. Wife in 1984-age95.Like to know where Henry and wives are buried. Date of birth of Cannon. Thanks for any help. edwinj@the-link.net

Feb 3, 1998 - 20:00 - From: - Edwin Jones

WILLIAMSON - I am an ancestor of John & Susan Williamson listed in the 1850 Federal census in the City of Petersburg. I have done substantial research and would be pleased to anyone with interest or information to share.

Feb 4, 1998 - 18:18 - From: - Charles E. Williamson

DEFFENBAUGH, BATTE - There are two of my families that have ties to the Petersburg area that I am researching. One is Deffenbaugh, of which my great Aunt Mary, lived in Folly Castle on Washington Street. I am also lookiing for information on the Batte Family , Greensville Co. and Petersburg area. Any information would be appreciated.

Feb 7, 1998 - 20:03 - From: - Mallory Cosby Driskill

PEARMAN - PEARMAN, Carter L. b. 20 Dec 1817, Petersburg, VA d. ABT 1875, Baltimore, MD m. Johnna Copland, 06 Oct 1849, Henrico Co., VA Siblings: Albert W. Pearman b. 1820, Petersburg, VA Elizabeth Yaege nee Pearman b. UNK Query: Searching for Carter, Albert, & Elizabeth's parents.

Feb 16, 1998 - 08:43 - From: - Chris Piereman

KILLEEN, MANN - Looking for the parents/siblings of Mary Elizabeth MANN, b 1 Nov 1840, Petersburg, md Lewis DART, 20 Oct 1863, Richmond, d 17 Mar 1911, place unkown. Supposedly, her parents were John MANN and Bridget KILLEEN, but I don't have that confirmed.

Feb 19, 1998 - 09:00 - From: - Marti Shuflin Dart

POWELL - I am a member of the Powell Family. We attended a Powell family reunion in Petersburg on August 9th and 10th in 1986 at the Ramada Inn. Since my mother is now deceased I have not been in contact with anyone since then and I am trying for my immediate familys sake to keep the family ties together.

Feb 21, 1998 - 11:42 - From: - June Powell Addison

MURPHY - I am looking for information regarding my ancestor, Miles Murphy. His first name may have actually been Patrick. His Pennsylvania death certificate indicates his birth being in Petersburg, VA. According to the Little Sisters of the Poor home in Philadelphia (where he died), his parents were John and Johanna Murphy. Miles would have been born circa 1817.

Feb 24, 1998 - 16:54 - From: - Michael Murphy

WARREN - Elizabeth Warren had a son Wesley Warren born in 1830 and another son BH Warren. I am not sure of his date of birth but I am a desendant of B.H. Warren. Elizabeth Warren lived in Petersburg and I know Wesley Warren was there in 1870. B.H. Warren at some time moved to Alabama. Sincerely David Lynn

Feb 27, 1998 - 19:16 - From: - David Lynn

FARRIS/FARIS - Looking for information on Henry Farris who owned a tavern on Olds Street in Petersburg in the early 1700's. Henry had the following children: Thomas, William, Judith, James Esom, Joseph, Charles and Jacob.

Feb 28, 1998 - 16:53 - From: - Laurel Goforth

SPEIDEL - Looking for information on this family of Petersburg. Thanks

Mar 6, 1998 - 15:09 - From: - Ed Bohannon

HALL - Looking for info on ISAAC And Emma HALL who lived on Mars St after 1900. He was a fireman.

Mar 9, 1998 - 14:35 - From: - Rosemary Funk

FUNK - Charles F. Funk came to Petersburg area about 1862. Do you have any information about him or an Andrew Funk who lived there in 1876 and married Katherine Peterson? Any Funks.

Mar 9, 1998 - 14:37 - From: - Rosemary Funk

CORNETT, RIDDLE - Seeking family of LENA JACKSON CORNETT,born abt.1870 and died 1933 in Petersburg. Parents were GEORGE WASHINGTON CORNETT, born abt.1833. married MARIAH RIDDLE,sister-SOPHIA, brothers were NED, ERASTIS (RAZE), and CHARLES. LENA married JOHN WILLIAM PEYTON RIDDLE. Would like to know date and place of death and birth of GEORGE and MARIAH.

Mar 26, 1998 - 14:14 - From: - CHARLOTTE ARMSTRONG

PARSONS - Parsons, John b. @ 1817 d. 1840 in Ohio after a two month sojourn through Indiana. Had no descendents. Am interested in his parents, brothers & sisters. Was University of Virginia graduate where he read law. Am looking for any and all information available.

Apr 6, 1998 - 00:37 - From: - Melissa Martin

GUILLIAMS - I would like to contact anyone who has any information or is doing any research on the surname Guilliams.

Apr 9, 1998 - 20:54 - From: - Char Dansberger

WATSON - WATSON, Thomas D., was said to be "late of the City of Peterburg, VA, when he died in Texas c1883. His heirs were: John T. Watson, J. B. Watson, William H. Watson, and W. T. Watson, all living in Llano Co. TX but the deed was in Bastrop Co. TX. Most of these Watsons were born in Tennessee. Would like to find their connection.

Apr 18, 1998 - 22:33 - From: - Diane Bender

THOMPSON - Am interested in Littleberry Thompson, found in the 1763 Fee Book of Petersburg. Son Amos Thompson ran from Parsons Meanly, where he was an indentured servant. Headed to North Carolina 1772. Believe Littleberry Thompson was executed for murder in May 1764 Williamsburg. Hope something rings a bell for someone.

Apr 21, 1998 - 17:27 - From: - dick schroeder

MERRITT, STARKE - Looking for descendants of Daniel T. MERRITT and wife Marian STARKE MERRITT. According to 1920 Petersburg Census, Daniel was a clergyman, born abt 1875 in Smithfield, VA. Marian born abt 1892 probably in Henrico Co. or Richmond City. In 1920 they had 3 children: Marian b. abt 1913, Daniel b. abt 1914 and Conway b. abt 1917.

Apr 28, 1998 - 18:14 - From: - Robin Hoff Kaspar

HEISE - I am looking for infomation on Charles & Nora Fontaine Davidson Murry Fields HEISE. They were both born in Petersburg, Va in 1864.

May 25, 1998 - 22:53 - From: - Barbara Kearns

OWEN - Looking for decendents of Rev. James P. Owen and Elizabeth Brooks Brame.

Jun 2, 1998 - 22:51 - From: - William Parham Owen III

City of Petersburg Query Page #1

DEMPSEY - Need information on family of David Dempsey b. 1858 City of Petersburg. Was in Rev. War (joined in Richmond) and was married in NC. Abt 1790 in same household as Arthur Bird. Both listed as head of household. 1800 in SC. Left wife, daug. and son and went to White Co, Tn and remarried, without a divorce. Second wife was Margaret "Peggy" Kyle. David died abt 1846 in Bledsoe Co, Tn. Son, also named David was living in Megis Co, Tn and died about the same time as father. Would appreciate any information you could give me.

Date: November 16, 1996 From: Oma Griffith

DOBBIN, WEBSTER, REYNOLDS - My ggrandfather John Thomas DOBBIN, son of William DOBBIN and Frances WEBSTER, was born In Petersburg,Va., May 24, 1857 and with his parents and uncle Robert DOBBIN moved to N.C. o/a 1858. Parents of Williamm DOBBIN [names not known] emigrated to USA from Ireland in 1810 with son Robert and William reportedly was born aboard ship during that crossing.Seeking any data re this family; will share my research.

Dec 24, 1996 - 14:36 - From: - Eugene S. Reynolds. Jr

DOBBIN, WEBSTER - Seeking info/descendants/relatives of William DOBBIN and wife FrancesWEBSTER marr in Petersburg Feb 18, 185l Parents of William emigrated from Ireland to USA in 1810,William born aboard ship on this crossing which incl older brother Robert.Robert DOBBIN marr Mary Ann WEBSTER in Petersburg.on Sept 11,1848,both wives are daughters of John WEBSTER,each reportedly born in Va. Any comment deeply appreciated.

Dec 30, 1996 - 19:38 - From: - Eugene S. Reynolds, Jr

DEMPSEY - Would like information on parents of David C Dempsey born in 1758 in this city? Understand all births had to be registered with church. Can anyone help me?

Dec 31, 1996 - 21:03 - From: - Oma Griffith

MASSEY, GREEN - I am searching for information on the family of John Massey whe was residing in Old Fort Henry before 1720. He married in about 1650 to possibly Frances Green. Does anyone know her parents? I am descended from their son Hezekah Massey 1670-1727. Any help would be appreciated.

Jan 1, 1997 - 11:16 - From: - Ann Gabbert

MINGIA/MINGEA/MINGE/MINGA/MINGY/MINGEY - Searching for the father,mother and siblings of Ellen Pierce Mingia (1886-1938) She was born in Petersburg, Va. She married Howard Benjamin Browning of Warren and Halifax Co N.C.

Jan 2, 1997 - 22:41 - From: - Joanne Mingia Burch

MINGEA/MINGA/MINGIA/MINGE/MINGY/MINGAY, GREEN - Searching for Mingea, Mingia, Minge, Mingy, Minge, Mingay and other spellings of this name. Wilton Egerton Mingea died 5-1938 In Petersburg and was buried in Blanford cemetary. He was married to Fannie Barron Tilghman of Norfolk. Wilton Mingea was born near Petersburg. I am searching for his parents (Williamson Mingea and Martha Ann Egerton of Warren Co. N.C). I would like to find his grandparents and anything that I could about them. A related family to Mingea is the Daniel Green family.

Jan 4, 1997 - 15:10 - From: - Joanne Mingia Burch

FREEMAN, WILLIAMS - My ancestor Rachel Freeman Williams is buried in one of the oldest graves beside the old Confederated Museum/church in Petersburg. Her husband was Major Thomas Williams, and I believe her father was John Freeman. Dates are approx. 1670's or 80's until 1730 her death date. Any info on the Freeman family would be greatly appreciated.

Jan 4, 1997 - 19:26 - From: - Virginia Hines

STAINBACK - I am researching the Stainback Family and have compiled quite a bit of information over the past 13 years. However, there are still many untied ends and gaps to fill. I would be interesed in hearing from you if you have any information you could supply. Thanks.

Jan 9, 1997 - 00:51 - From: - Charlie Rathbun

DOBBIN, WEBSTER - Seeking information on the DOBBIN and WEBSTER families in Petersburg and vicinity during early to middle 1800s.DOBBIN family emigrated from Ireland ca 1810;one branch came to North Carolina ca 1870s. Any lead will be appreciated.

Jan 22, 1997 - 11:19 - From: - Eugene S. Reynolds, Jr

HUTCHISON - Has the Virginia Regimential Histories Series published a book on the Petersburg Horse Artillery? I was told last year it was almost finished. If it is finished please furnish me with ordering info and cost. Thanks, Kyle Hutchison

Jan 26, 1997 - 14:08 - From: - Kyle Hutchison

PETERS - My Peters family came from Pa. to Shenandoah County /RockinghamCounty area. Later to Wythe Co. and Petersburg. Would like to contact any other Peters researchers to exchange information.

Feb 7, 1997 - 18:10 - From: - Carole Hacker

MOORE, MOUNTCASTLE - William MOUNTCASTLE, b 1778, Eng/VA, married 1804 to Susannah MOORE, Petersburg,VA. Who were William's parents, sibblings? Who were Susannah's parents? She was a cousin to Gen Robt.E.Lee through his MOORE line.

Feb 12, 1997 - 10:52 - From: - Wendy Jacobs

HARRIS, MITCHELL - I am trying to locate any information on Lillian Harris and her sisters; Lula Harris and Rose Harris, all of Petersburg, Va. Lillian was born abt.1897 and died in 1977 in Cambridge, Ma. I would like to know her parents name and where were they born.. I do know the mother's name was Cecelia?  Lillian married Robert Mitchell, I have no information when or where they got married..I do know that they lived in Norfolk, Va., and Yonkers, N.Y. If anyone has any information, please email me. Thanks. Sandy, Lillian and her sisters were born in Petersburg, Va. Thanks

Feb 24, 1997 - 15:17 - From: - Sandy Mitchell

SULLIVAN, WILKINS - Hello My name is Brett King. I graduated from Petersburg High School in the of 1994. I am currently in search of information on my grandfather. His name is Sullivan Wilkins. He was married to Nina Turner. He was buried by Wilkinson's Funeral Home some time between November 1947 and November 1948. Thank you in advance for your help and response.

Mar 7, 1997 - 08:18 - From: - Brett King

BUTTERWORTH - I am looking for information on BUTTERWORTHs in Virginia. What I have is: Charles BUTTERWORTH, b 1722, m Elizabeth ?; their son Charles BUTTERWORTH, b 18 Apr 1744, m Sarah PRICE; their son John BUTTERWORTH, b 1785, d 5 Nov 1840, m Joyce Fauntleroy BILLUPS (parents: Augustine BILLUPS and Hannah ?); their son Telemachus Miller BUTTERWORTH, b 9 Nov 1815, Petersburg, d 27 Sep 1902, Petersburg, m Elizabeth Agnes MCADEN (parents: James MCADEN and Ann Baugh SIMMONS). I need more definite dates, places, and any other available information, including marriage information, locations of documentation. I will be most grateful for any help!

Mar 19, 1997 - 00:04 - From: - Margaret Smith

EVANS - Looking for parents of Fleming Bolling Evans born 15 Dec 1796. Believed to be son of Lucy Lewis Fleming and William Evans of Scotland. Alice Moore, xmasmom@juno.com

Mar 19, 1997 - 00:04 - From: - Margaret Smith

NEWCOMB, MEREDITH, BRITTINGHAM, LEE - Meredith Augustas NEWCOMB married Emma BRITTINGHAM at Petersburg in 1899. Meredith's mother was Mary Verdeline MEREDITH. Another relation was Travis Taylor LEE. Any info about these people appreciated.

Mar 23, 1997 - 09:43 - From: - Ken Newcombe

LEDFORD, KNIPE, WOOD - Looking for any information on Robert Edward Lee LEDFORD who was married to Ida Victoria Lucinda KNIPE. Had 2 children REL LEDFORD Jr. and Ella Halligan LEDFORD. REL Sr. disappearred prior to 1895. Don't know what happened. Divorce, desertion, death? Ida LEDFORD moved with Seaboard Coastline Railroad to Rocky Mount NC. Ella married George Eliot WOOD.

Mar 26, 1997 - 09:44 - From: - Patricia Wood Gibson

HARRISON - HARRISON, Robert Henry, b. Jun 8, 1807 in Petersburg, VA. Trying to locate his parents. He was orphaned and could not agree with his guardian, so he left Virginia and went to Limestone Co, Alabama, where he married Elizabeth Lucas Smith on Dec 8 1842. In the 1820 Petersburg town census there was a Robert HARRISON and also a William HARRISON. Is anyone researching these lines? Mildred DuVal e-mail mduvall@dbeach.com

Apr 14, 1997 - 17:37 - From: - Mildred L. DuVal

OVERBEY/OVERBY - I am looking for info on the Overbey family. I have info stating that in the late 1600's Nicholas Overbey had a farm where Petersburg now stands.He had several children but I only have one name, Ludwell Overbey. Ludwell had a son names Zachariah. Zachariah had 5 sons, Alexander, Peter, Macadiah, Starling,and Ludwell. Peter, born about 1760, served in the Revolutionary War. He had 2 sons one was Robert Y. Overbey. The letter I have states that they died in Mecklenburg Co. Va. The letter also states that the Whitehouse Post Office was the headquarters of the Overbey family. If anyone can find info for me I would be greatful. Please conact me if so.

May 1, 1997 - 19:07 - From: - Heather (Overbey) Cormier

GREEN - Looking for any information on the family of my my gggrandfather John GREEN, bc: 1823 in Petersburg, WVa. At some time he came to Australia and was married in Melbourne, Australia in 1850s. His mother was Lydia ?, father Thomas Green. Any help at all would be appreciated.

May 14, 1997 - 00:21 - From: - Judy Evans

WEEKS, BENNETT - Would appreciate any data on William WEEKS and his wife Ann BENNETT, who m. in Petersburg in May 1781. Would like to know any other children they may have had besides Jesse WEEKS, b. ca. 1782-90, went to Casey Co., KY before 1830. Thanks a bunch! Have some data on Jesse's descendants to share.

May 22, 1997 - 23:52 - From: - Eve Weeks

COLSTON, MINATREE, MINITREE, SHANNON - I am searching for information on Minatree, Minitree, other varied spellings. My g-g-g-mother was Martha A. Minatree b-c1813 in VA, married William Colston in c1830's. Were in Marshall Co., TN 1840 Census, migrated to Giles Co., TN; Lincoln Co., TN. Could she be related to John Minatree who married Elizabeth Wells. They had daughter, Martha Ann b-1839 in Petersburg, VA. Any help appreciated. Gladys Colston Shannon

Jun 21, 1997 - 20:47 - From: - Gladys Colston Shannon

LITTLE, MCNAIR - I am seeking information on Jennet Little, an orphan who left Petersburg at age 12 to live with her uncle. She married the Rev. Malcolm McNair of Robeson/Scotland/Richmond County, NC area. Rev McNair was born 26 August 1776 in NC and is buried at the Old Laurel Hill Church Cemetery in Richmond County, NC. I need any information whatsoever about Jennet Little and her parents/family.

Jul 5, 1997 - 12:08 - From: - Carol Shrader

ROOP - Christian (Christopher) ROOP, b. abt 1837, m. Mary "Polly" McGrady Feb 2, 1854, died in Petersburg, VA Feb. 4, 1865. No death record on file with the local Courthouse. Any help would be appreciated. Visit our home page at:http://home1.gte.net/gbryan/nhome.htm for other relatives in this line.

Jul 12, 1997 - 18:38 - From: - Jean Roope Bryan

MONETTE - I am looking for information regarding Leon Thompson who was living in Petersburg in 1917. He was employed by the Demaron car dealership. His resideence was at 111 Washington Street. He was born in Oswego, NY in 1880. Any information about him or his family would be very helpful Barbara Monette bmonett@mail.idt.com

Jul 24, 1997 - 21:54 - From: - Barbara MONETTE

MOORMAN - Looking for descendants of Samuel J. Moorman b. 16Jun1858 who married Lula D. Ragsdale b. 5Jun1867. They resided in the city of Petersburg in the 1920 census. Thanks!

Jul 29, 1997 - 11:53 - From: - Tom Jones

ANDREWS - Looking for information on WILLIAM ANDREWS, died ca 1905, along w/ wife and most children in epidemic. Two known survivors MARY ELVER ANDREWS (my grandmother) and WILLIAM "Billy" ANDREWS. Grandmother died in 1979 in Norwich, NY, where she had lived for70 years. Will post more info if I can find any

Aug 5, 1997 - 12:45 - From: - Bill Davis

WYNN - Does anyone have information on Vernard Otis Wynn born in Petersburg, VA. about 1882

Aug 27, 1997 - 22:40 - From: - Roger Wynn

CUMBEA - I am looking for my great grandfather, James Edward CUMBEA. I have also seen his name listed as Major James Edward CUMBEA, with Major as a name and not a title. He was born in Petersburg, VA, on August 6, 1862. I have not been able to get his birth certificate and his death certificate does not have the correct information on his parents. I'm at a dead-end and would greatly appreciate any help!

Sep 1, 1997 - 20:11 - From: - Susan Lloyd

WHITE, TAYLOR - Am seeking information on Dr. Joseph WHITE of Petersburg (I have no other information on him). His daughter Lydia Ann WHITE, born 28 July 1830 in Petersburg and died 11 July 1913 in Oxford, N.C. She was married to Henry Alley TAYLOR 1 July 1851 in Petersburg. Any lead on this would be greatly appreciated.

Sep 10, 1997 - 21:45 - From: - Richard Lewis Taylor

OVERBEY - I have a previously posted a query. My new email is smadz@iamerica.net please note this change if you need to contact me. Thank you.

Sep 11, 1997 - 14:40 - From: - Heather Overbey Cormier

RUFFIN - Ruffin, Thomas Smith (1843-1873) m. 1867 Alice Lorraine. His parents were Edmund and Mary Ruffin. I'm searching for WHERE he's buried. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Sep 18, 1997 - 12:11 - From: - Patricia B. Buck

KEITH, VAUGHAN - My great grandparents, Mary Isham KEITH and Emmett Reeves VAUGHAN, were married in Petersburg in 1870. Emmett Reeves VAUGHAN was born in VA, but his parents, Richard H. and Anna B. RAIN married in Washington Co., AL in 1839 where they raised their family. I am looking for Richard H. VAUGHAN's parents. They could have been from Petersburg since that's where his son got married.

Sep 18, 1997 - 22:38 - From: - Barbara Prestridge

HEELAN, ENGLISH, CHONEHEN - I am looking for more information on Michael Heelan born 1843 in Ireland but lived in Petersburg from 1854-55 till after 1920. His first wife was Mary English who I think died about 1864. Michael remarried in 1867 to Bridgette Chonehen. Would like any info that someone might have about this family

Sep 21, 1997 - 16:16 - From: - Terry Palin

BOWMAN - BOWMAN, Victoria Ann Descendants of Bowman 1 Bowman b: Unknown d: Unknown Age at death: ? .... 2 Victoria Ann Bowman b: Abt. 1858 in Petersburg, Virginia d: July 12, 1890 in Cheraw, Chesterfield County, South Carolina Age at death: 32 est. ........ +William Bennett Jones b: June 2, 1835 in New Orleans, Orleans County, Louisianna m: 1873 in Petersburg, Virginia d: July 29, 1940 in Richmond, Virginia at the Confederate Home Age at death: 105 .... 2 George Bowman b: Aft. 1859 in Petersburg, VA. d: Unknown Age at death: ?

Nov 19, 1997 - 01:06 - From: - David M. Goodman

FERRELL, CHAPPELL - FERRELL,Wm. Edward, CHAPPELL, Hattie listed on the 1910 census. Hattie was born abt 1876 and William was born abt 1872. There children were: Nellie L. b 1907, Wm. Edward b. 1910, Sue C. b. 1912 and Archer C. 1914(female).

Nov 22, 1997 - 00:51 - From: - Cindy Ferrell

HERRING, KITCHEN - Trying to obtain information about my mothers family my mother was born in Petersburg,Va. Not sure about grandparents though. Mothers name: Edith Mae Kitchen - Date of birth:February17, l922. S he was one of l2 children born to: Florence E.Herring-Kitchen

Dec 1, 1997 - 12:44 - From: - Barbara Anne Poulter

SCOTT, MASON - I am looking for info on the family of William Scott who married Ann Mason. They are the parents of General Winfield Scott and James Scott. Can you help me?

Dec 5, 1997 - 20:09 - From: - Courtney Block

POWELL - I am looking for information about the father of Peter Powell who is my Great-Great-Grandfather. Peter was born a slave on a plantation east of Petersburg around 1812. His father was known as Silent Jim or No Touch. I have some interesting stories about No Touch but I need some verification. I am looking for any information about NoTouch or Silent Jim and the plantation he and Peter lived on. I am led to believe that the plantation owner was the captain of a slave ship that returned from Africa without slaves and missing several crewmembers. At least that is the tale handed down in the family oral history. The time of that incedent with the slave ship should be somewhere around 1810 to 1812. Any help to identify the captain of the ship and the name of the ship would go a long way to verifying the oral histories and possibly identifying the African branch of the family.

Dec 9, 1997 - 12:29 - From: - Clarence R. Wilson

YARBROUGH - Does anyone have any information on Richard Yarbrough, member of Blandford Church, Petersburg, VA (1615-1702)?

Dec 16, 1997 - 14:37 - From: - Lorrie Jackson